Power Law: Law of Attraction

"Laws of attraction don't just think you are just talking , put out the energy so that it transforms into your dreams for you to grab. Everything that is in your head that you imagined is finally here, success after success"Adebayo Alonge Your mind is where it all starts. Everything you dream about today will … Continue reading Power Law: Law of Attraction

Africans face an existential crisis

The weakness of African countries is an existential crisis to the African race and its diaspora. It serves as signpost to legitimize racial oppression wherever Africans go. But increasingly as more new foreigners move into Africa in search of maintaining economic growth in their homelands, Africans will suffer to maintain their dignity in their own lands.

Addressing inequality through the concept of time-price

adebayoalonge addresses the social issue of inequality through the concept of time-price. He states that inequality is driven by time scarcity suffered by the poor and middle class. The rich have more time to learn. Therefore they can create new income faster and better by selling goods and services from their new knowledge. He advocates that to solve inequality, effort must be placed in improving the stock of knowledge of the poor and middle class through education and entrepreneurship.