#God’s Plan: $150K Cash Investment For African Impact-Focused Startup

As part of enabling the next generation of Africa's social impact entrepreneurs, a $150K (USD) cash for equity investment opportunity  through the Katapult Accelerator exists for an African based startup using exponential technologies i.e. AI, Block chain, Quantum computing etc. to solve a social issue on the African continent. I am especially interested in nominating startups … Continue reading #God’s Plan: $150K Cash Investment For African Impact-Focused Startup

Yale University, Lagos Business School and Lagos State Government organise infectious diseases management workshop

YALI Fellow- Adebayo Alonge has brought together Yale University, the Lagos Business School and Lagos State government to organize an infectious diseases management workshop for healthcare professionals. Ebola killed mostly healthcare workers in Nigeria in 2014 and this workshop is targeted at improving infectious disease management capacity in Nigeria's health institutions. You can attend free, … Continue reading Yale University, Lagos Business School and Lagos State Government organise infectious diseases management workshop

Interview Tips for YALI

The best leaders are those humble enough to seek answers from others Adebayo Alonge The Solutions Ideator image credit: http://www.opportunitiesforafricans.com Congratulations now that you are through to this stage. It says a lot about you to have made it this far. Now make it count. This stage is as competitive as the application stage and … Continue reading Interview Tips for YALI

The Social Entrepreneurship Mindset

 The social entrepreneurship mindset is one that actively seeks to identify and solve problems faced by impoverished communities in a sustainable way they can pay for.                                                              Adebayo Alonge                                                          Image credit: http://www.noulakaz.net The Entrepreneurial Context Imagine that you are a freshman in a public university whose day by 8 a.m. starts with lectures. You and your colleagues … Continue reading The Social Entrepreneurship Mindset

The USA Embassy in Nigeria organizes If I Were President Facebook Contest

The USA Embassy in Nigeria organizes If I Were President Facebook Contest

  1. HOW TO ENTER: "If I were President" Facebook Competition starts February 23, 2012 and ends March 23, 2012. To enter: you must first become a Facebook Friend of U.S Embassy Nigeria. You may enter only once as a U.S. Embassy Facebook Friend. Entries must be received by 03/23/12 to be eligible.
  2. PRIZE: Top five (5) contestants will receive books from the Information Resources Center, signed certificates from the U.S. Ambassador to Nigeria Terence P. McCulley and an opportunity to meet with the Ambassador at the certificate presentation.
  3. JUDGMENT: Winners will be selected based on interpretation and application of democracy principles, writing ability and viability of solutions provided to the national problem(s) addressed by the contestant. The decision of the judges will be final. The winners will be notified through an electronic communication such as electronic mail or SMS.
  4. ELIGIBILITY: If I were president is open only to Nigerians who are 18 years of age or older as of date of entry. Embassy staff and family members are exempted.

If I were President...

Assuming you are the President what solutions would you proffer to current national issues facing your country?

Pick a current issue that affects you and if you are the President, how will you address and solve the problem keeping in focus the principles of democracy.

  • Your post must not be more that One Thousand (1000) characters
  • No criticisms of current government programs and activities. Simply state your solutions to issues.
  • Keep post clean and decent.
  • Respect religion and cultures. Do not critize any one.

Google is searching for creative young minds


Are you between 18 and 24 years old and have done something to make an impact in the world? Do you fancy the opportunity to come to the UK and meet some of the great minds of our time?

If so, apply by March 19 to Google's youth challenge, Zeitgeist Young Minds, by uploading a short video telling your story, what matters to you and how you’re making a positive impact on your world. We want to find the most exceptional and inspiring young people who are helping others through science, the arts, education, leadership or innovation.