Nigeria must work for Nigerians

The #EndSars protests in Nigeria are a sign of wider discontent and anxiety among Nigerian youths for their future. Nigerian youths face an increasing lack of opportunity. #EndSARS is just a symptom of a much wider decay in Nigerian society. The Nigerian government will be well served to listen and accelerate its efforts towards creating a Nigeria that works for Nigerians rather than only for the 0.1% elite & their foreign collaborators.

Stemming Yoruba Decline (II/III): Rise of the Oyos & the end of Yoruba nationhood

The Imperial expansion of the Oyo Yoruba from the 1600s-1800's destroyed the Yoruba confederacy and ethnic identity. Briefly restored from 1940-1970, the Yorubas experienced major economic gains. Now as Nigeria's unitary system constrains Yoruba identity, the Yorubas have again entered into modern decline.

The Green Book: Eight ‘foundational’ principles for Nigeria’s 3rd generation of political leaders

   Nigeria’s 3rd generation now needs to lead from the heart and create a humane nation that works for everyone Adebayo Alonge Solutions Ideator Image credit: Premiumtimes Introduction By 2050, Nigeria will have ~400 million people within its boundaries. It remains a poster child for what Africans are and holds the promise for what the … Continue reading The Green Book: Eight ‘foundational’ principles for Nigeria’s 3rd generation of political leaders

The Social Entrepreneurship Mindset

 The social entrepreneurship mindset is one that actively seeks to identify and solve problems faced by impoverished communities in a sustainable way they can pay for.                                                              Adebayo Alonge                                                          Image credit: The Entrepreneurial Context Imagine that you are a freshman in a public university whose day by 8 a.m. starts with lectures. You and your colleagues … Continue reading The Social Entrepreneurship Mindset

RE (I):The Myth of Trickle Down Economic Policies

The article below is a response to the first comment from Wallesmit on the last post entitled- The Myth of Trickle Down Economic Policies A second response to his second comment will be posted soon on this blog, please be on the watch out. Click this link- The Myth of Trickle Down Economic Policies to read Wallesmit's first comment in … Continue reading RE (I):The Myth of Trickle Down Economic Policies

The Myth of Trickle Down Economic Policies

We need to question how we reward value as a society. You cannot have so many billionaires and yet so much poverty and unemployment. What then have these billionaires created of value that serves to justify their wealth?  Dr. Makanjuola, Resident Surgeon LUTH, Lagos, Nigeria     image via      The IMF, World Bank, … Continue reading The Myth of Trickle Down Economic Policies