Nigeria must work for Nigerians


The #EndSars protests in Nigeria are a sign of wider discontent and anxiety among Nigerian youths for their future. Nigerian youths face an increasing lack of opportunity. #EndSARS is just a symptom of a much wider decay in Nigerian society. The Nigerian government will be well served to listen and accelerate its efforts towards creating a Nigeria that works for Nigerians rather than only for the 0.1% elite & their foreign collaborators.

Understanding the DNA of Neo-Colonial State Violence

The fallacy of independence is when so-called citizens think they are citizens when in reality they are simply subjects to their state. Their new conquerors are not in a different shape or form from them. They themselves don't even know what possesses them to perpetuate the colonial subjugation upon those who would otherwise be family. The system they inherited excludes them and gives them a new nature that helps them see themselves as separate and above their masses. It is in the DNA of colonially-inherited state institutions .

all lives matter. Black Men Must Matter Too.

Source: PickPik All Lives Matter. White Lives Matter Asian Lives Matter Arab Lives Matter Indigenous Lives Matter Black Lives Matter Black Women Matter Black Men Matter Too! In racialised societies especially in those where White Men are dominant at the top of the pecking order, Black People generally have worse outcomes in longevity and income … Continue reading all lives matter. Black Men Must Matter Too.

Bezonomics – the economics of AI Automation

In reviewing the book Bezonomics by Brian Dumaine , I compare similarities in the personal characteristics of Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk . I also discuss differences in their individual approach to business. I discuss what the Bezonomics philosophy is and how companies can both adopt it and compete against it. Although the book covers anti-trust concerns and potential regulator induced break-up implications for Bezos company- Amazon and the rest of the FAANGs (Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, Google), I do not cover these in my review. In conclusion, Bezonomics is an AI-automation philosophy focused on using AI to learn customer transaction data which is then used to keep customers happy through understanding their needs at scale and providing what they need, when they need it at the lowest prices on offer even if initially loss-making. It is focused on selling through all channels possible and to all potential customers- foe and friend alike - with goal of achieving scale economies in AI learning of customer needs that then translate to automation driven operational efficiencies that decimate the competition. This then yields market dominance and generates predictable cash flow that can then be used to subsidize expansion into new related verticals. This philosophy is superior especially for retail focused businesses. All business owners should seriously consider implementing this philosophy in their businesses or working with emerging AI business leaders like Adebayo Alonge as well as platforms like RxAll and StorsApp that provide them the understanding of AI business transformation strategies as well as AI tools to differentiate their business.

The Coronavirus is still infecting humans and economies:

Within three-quarters of its outbreak, the virus has infected more than 18 million lives, killed roughly two-thirds of a million, shrank and still shrinking economies. The world has so far expended over 11 trillion dollars in stimulus package.But the virus cannot be defeated by a financial stimulus. It can only be defeated by a vaccine and … Continue reading The Coronavirus is still infecting humans and economies:

The virus is not only going after the lungs of migrants. It’s also going after their pockets & consequently feeding off (feasting on) the dollars they sent home:

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