Solutions to the food crisis in the Chad basin of Africa

The food crisis in the Chad basin of Africa can be solved by concerted international donor effort and by establishing security in the wider Sahel region. Watch as Adebayo Alonge proffers solutions to this international crisis alongside Emira Woods of the Institute of Policy Studies on CGTN’s (CCTV Africa) Show- The Heat

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Biafra: Case for restructuring Nigeria

Ethnic agitations are at the forefront of Nigeria’s public discourse. The Biafra struggle is again taking center stage of global opinion about Nigeria.It will be wise for Nigeria’s elite to heed the reawakened cries of its marginalized underbelly and take steps to seriously restructure its political federation

Flag of Biafra

Map of Biafra

It would be wise for Nigeria’s elite to seriously heed the reawakened cries of its marginalized underbelly. Ethnic agitations will not go away. Give to each people their own- the right to be masters of themselves and directors of their destiny.

Adebayo Alonge (Solutions Ideator)

The Indigenous People of Biafra Movement has captured the attention of debate in Nigeria and is beginning to drive more global attention to separatist agitations in Nigeria.

The Movement wants an Independent Homeland for the Igbo ethnic group outside of the Nigerian country structure.

The case for this echoes back to the mid 1960’s when between 30-60K Igbos (30K alone in September 1966) were killed in Northern Nigeria. Multiple thousands of Northerners were also killed in the Eastern region although this is less often recounted.

Note: There are sensitive images in the rest of this article. Reader discretion advised.

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Stemming Yoruba Decline (I/III): Tracing ancient origins of early Yoruba advantage

The Yoruba are Nigeria’s first nation but their historic advantages are eroding.
This first part series aims to trace the early origins of their historic advantages

Image result for the yoruba

Yoruba Brass Heads

The Yoruba are Nigeria’s first nation. Their historic advantages are eroding and the nation needs a renaissance

Adebayo Alonge
Solutions Ideator

The Yoruba are an African ethnic group occupying a total land area of 142,000+ sq.km (2x size of Ireland). Their lands span Western Nigeria through the country called Benin into Eastern Togo. 60 million people across the world identify as Yoruba- similar population to France or Italy.

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The Green Book: Eight ‘foundational’ principles for Nigeria’s 3rd generation of political leaders


 Nigeria’s 3rd generation now needs to lead from the heart and create a humane nation that works for everyone

Adebayo Alonge

Solutions Ideator

Image result for nigeria and humanity map

Image credit: Premiumtimes


By 2050, Nigeria will have ~400 million people within its boundaries. It remains a poster child for what Africans are and holds the promise for what the black man can be.

If Nigeria can succeed to create a homeland where being black is not a liability, where the status of the race is improved then the purpose of this book would have been achieved.

The Green Book seeks to ignite consciousness in young Nigerians- over 50 million strong today for what is possible. We can make a nation that works for us where we are loved, protected and supported by our communities. A country where every citizen can aspire and achieve their dreams irrespective of their background.

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RE: “African Democracy: The march of democracy slows”

Africa democracy slows because its nation states are built on unjust entities

Threats to democratic rule in Africa are growing, but time and demography are against the autocrats.

The Economist

africa democracy
Source: http://www.zinoklis.lv

Election irregularities in Zambia follow the typical pattern used across Africa: muzzle the opposition, use state power to harass their supporters, use state institutions that ought to be independent to carry out the bidding of the incumbent political party.

This has been the order of democracy in Africa in the last 50 years leading to alternations between dictatorships and one-party democracies. The seeming reduction in the number of free or partly free countries as against a decade ago seems correlated to reduced commodity prices and stymying of free markets. At the turn of the millennium many African states adopted the free market ideology and this in turn led to new bases of wealth which eventually enabled more people push for changes in the political system.

This cycle of commodity booms and liberalisation going alongside the loosening of the hold that incumbents place on the political system has been a feature of Africa’s recent power dynamic.

What needs to be done to have more stable political systems is to empower state institutions to be independent of the ruling party. The army should be the guarantor of this independence. If there is a role for the international community, it is to hold the army leaders and other power brokers accountable for subverting state institutions.

Ultimately, Africa will only become truly free when it negotiates its ruling elites’ paranoia for unity and control of unjust entities they inherited from abusive colonial powers. Countries across Africa should devolve power to their ethnic nationalities and allow their people determine the path to the future they see independently of powerful and oppressive unitary centres.

This is what Africa’s young people should clamour for- a move away from abusive political systems that currently benefit the old elite who inherited privileges at a time when might was right.

What They Don’t Tell You About Africa

Africa is not poor but it suffers from poverty. And this poverty is due to unbridled capitalism

Adebayo Alonge

Solutions Ideator

Image credit: gps-connects.com

“Africans are fools. They allow themselves to be cheated by their leaders and by the rest of the world”

Without further context, this statement may be passed off as the seething outburst of a frustrated foreigner who cannot seem to understand why a continent so rich in natural resources and people does not seem to be able to lift its millions out of poverty. Yet this statement is the expressed frustration of many Africans and is representative of the deep anger that many feel about the current state of affairs on the continent and the complicity of the ruling elite in impoverishing their own communities.

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Addressing a Militarised Police in the USA

How can Americans get their police to serve them again?

The American police kills more because they are trained to do just that. They are trained to identify confrontational objects as the enemy and eliminate them. They are not a police force, they are military in police uniforms.

Adebayo Alonge
Solutions Ideator
             Image credit: http://www.dailysheeple.com

War is often waged overseas to protect citizens at home. If American civilians are citizens, why then is war being waged against them at home?

According to the Guardian’s Counted- a database of fatal police shootings, there has been a total of 932 fatalities caused by use of deadly force by police in the first 10 months of 2015. 25% of these were of unarmed civilians, 6% of whom were female. In Australia, police killed 94 people over the course of 19 years from 1992. In the United Kingdom over the last 24 years, police killed 55 people. German police killed 15 people from 2010 to 2011. Iceland’s police killed one person over the last 71 years!
Now listen to this, in 2013, the police force in Finland fired six bullets. In the February 2015 police shooting of Antonio Montes in Pasco, Washington, three police officers fired a whopping 17 bullets at a man who had his hands in the air!
If American civilians are citizens, why then is war being waged against them at home?

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