Adebayo Alonge is passionate about young people fulfilling purpose by solving social impact problems

The 21st century is fraught with many challenges.The people of the world are traumatized. Governments are confused and businesses are heckled to adopt better practices for the sake of preserving the future for coming generations while yet seeking sustainable growth.The world is in crisis, questions are many but there are few answers. 

www.adebayalonge.com -the marketplace for solutions to global challenges – is one of the answers.

Founded by Adebayo Alonge Yale educated;Harvard admitted with work experience at the top companies in the world- Boston Consulting Group (BCG), BASF, Roche, Sanofi including founding a number of high growth startups such as RxAll– Adebayo has a stellar track record of delivering solutions.

Using a proprietary thought creation process honed over 25 years of active thinking and writing, he addresses social problem issues from the lens of impact.

His work has been widely referenced including in the NewsWeek, FastCompany, The Guardian, Foresight, Yale, How We Made It in Africa, Hello Tomorrow and are read by more than 100k people annually.

Adebayo speaks at several events annually on Social Impact and Tech including recent engagements at the Kravis Lab for Social Impact, Hello Tomorrow, Moho, TechPoint, TechSauce Thailand to mention a few.

Adebayo Alonge enjoys extensive following enjoying a social media following across multiple platforms of 10K+. His admirers come primarily from North America, Europe and Africa but increasingly from SE Asia as well. They are highly engaged with his content because he shares the truth about how to solve social problems using impact tools in an informative manner and through original essays that inspire them to take action to make the world better, everyday.

His rigorous data based analysis of social problems and easy to understand recommendations with clear action points  for citizens, government and businesses have been widely quoted, referenced and implemented across the world.

Far into this century he will continue providing solutions to the social challenges of the world.

For a collection of Adebayo Alonge’s recorded speeches, view HERE

To see Adebayo’s upcoming events, see HERE

To book Adebayo Alonge as a Speaker, Workshop Facilitator, Co-Writer, Essayist, Documentary Feature on topics around Social Impact and Tech, please click HERE

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