The 21st century is fraught with many challenges.The people of the world are traumatized. Governments are confused and businesses are heckled to adopt better practices for the sake of preserving the future for coming generations while yet seeking sustainable growth.The world is in crisis, questions are many but there are few answers. 

We are one of the answers.

We are a thought creation media company addressing public policy and business+tech issues from the lens of Gen Z and Millenials. We have ~3k subscribers and more than 100k visits annually. Our readers come primarily from North America, Europe and Africa. They are highly engaged because of our highly informative and original essays.

Our rigorous data based analysis of public policy and business+tech issues and easy to understand policy recommendations with clear action points  for citizens, government and businesses have been widely quoted, referenced and implemented across the world.

Far into this century we will continue providing solutions to the challenges faced by citizens, business and governments in the world.

blogAA is owned by the Frontieres Bay Group.


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