The End of Competitive Advantage

Digitization has destroyed the concept of sustainable competitive advantage             Rither Gunther Mcgrath Strategy has always focused on companies attaining sustainable competitive advantage-which is the unique position a company attains by configuring its operational activities in a manner that competitors cannot duplicate. In "the end of competitive advantage", Mcgrath argues … Continue reading The End of Competitive Advantage

Growing Nollywood

Nollywood Nigeria's film industry is worth $590.2mn as at 2008. It is the second largest industry in number of movies produced after India's Bollywood and arguably is Africa's most successful non-mineral resource. It faces numerous challenges chief of which is piracy and the aim of this video is to proffer solutions to improving the industry's … Continue reading Growing Nollywood

CONVERSATIONS OF A LIFE I: Insights from a Lagos Motor Park

Below is a conversation between two Nigerians in a public motor park somewhere in Lagos. As this author happened to be around at the time of the discussion he found the insights from a seemingly uneducated transport worker baffling and decided to share them on this blog. SA appears to be a highly educated young man and DKSN is … Continue reading CONVERSATIONS OF A LIFE I: Insights from a Lagos Motor Park


And my people shall not be slaves in their land  Adebayo Alonge Solutions Ideator Does Nigeria have any reason being poor? It is the consensus that she is blessed with what many other nations lack- talented people, a burgeoning population, an advantageous demographic, clement climate, abundant natural resources and cultural diversity. She has access to … Continue reading ENDING POVERTY IN NIGERIA

Raw Footage of Police Man Killed In Valentine’s Day Bombing In Kaduna

This brave man died in the line of duty. No matter how irresponsible our government has been we must unite against this group whose aim is to turn us against one another. We will publish our views on how to curtail the Boko Haram menace soon on this site.

Understanding the subsidy fraud

 Common sense suggests that using 20-40 percent of earnings to pay for subsidies is unsustainable and is a sellout of the future of the Nigerian people to other nations. Adebayo Alonge ( Public Affairs Analyst)   What should come to your mind after this, is what business government has with these subsidies to start with. … Continue reading Understanding the subsidy fraud

Why Occupuynigeria May Fail.

''Young Nigerians rushed into protests, organized labour was unprepared for what hit it and there was no scale up of national economic shutdown because of ethnic divisions and improper coordination. This was the government’s game plan and like fools, the rest of society played its script’’ Adebayo Alonge (Public Affairs Analyst) On January 1, 2012, … Continue reading Why Occupuynigeria May Fail.


You do not assess the soundness of a policy based on its popularity. You however as a statesman prevent at all cost, civil disorder and widespread discontentment- as these tear at the  fabric of society and have long term negative repercussions.  Adebayo Alonge ( Public Policy Analyst) While I agree that a leader must stick … Continue reading WHY AND HOW THE FUEL SUBSIDY SHOULD BE REMOVED