Face of first casualty of occupynigeria protests

Mustafa Muyideen Mofoluwasho Opobiyi of Ilorin is believed to be the first victim in rolling nationwide protests over the lifting of petrol subsidies which are expected to bring higher prices for everything and hardship to Nigerian citizens. Only days before, the 23 year old Opobiyi had completed his studies in computer training at Da’arul Salam … Continue reading Face of first casualty of occupynigeria protests

Solving Nigeria’s Unemployment Crisis

"The idle everywhere consume a great part of it( i.e. a nation's annual produce); and according to the different proportions in which it is annually divided between those two different orders of people( i.e. the industrious and idle) ,its ordinary or average value must either annually increase or diminish, or continue the same from one … Continue reading Solving Nigeria’s Unemployment Crisis

The cost of fifty-one years (I)

"Any society that seeks to achieve security against the background of acute food shortages, population explosion, low level of productivity and per capita income, low technological development, inadequate and sufficient utilities and chronic unemployment, has a false sense of security" Robert McNamara( Former Secretary of Defense, USA) As Nigeria marks her 51st independence anniversary, her … Continue reading The cost of fifty-one years (I)