Launch of The Adebayo Alonge Podcast Show with Spotify

Excited to announce the launch of The Adebayo Alonge Podcast Show with Spotify.Every week, over 10 minutes, I will explore interesting intellectual insights at the intersection of Startup Tech, Global Politics and the International Economy especially as they intersect with African and other emerging markets. Many times I will explore alone. At times with others. Distribution is currently available on Spotify via:

The Adebayo Alonge Podcast Show- Season 1, Episode 1:Explaining Clubhouse: Tracing my ancestry

In this article I explore ancestry on Clubhouse.

BITCOIN will be worth at least $101,200

I called $56K for BTC then XBT back in 2018. Today it got to $57K I have now updated my model and can now call it for $101,800 by 2025 It’s an amazing technology So long as there is no widespread government bans- unlikely given adoption by some large companies and so long as the … Continue reading BITCOIN will be worth at least $101,200

Product features should be dumbed down

I always enjoin my product teams to never approach product development from a superiority complex. Many times product teams fall into the trap of aloofness when they tend to assume that users are not smart for not using a feature as intended. Features should be intuitive. Yes even dumb. One user may be stupid , … Continue reading Product features should be dumbed down

Quote: Liberty is fed by sacrifice

So often it is that those superior peoples having attained luxuries and the life of ease after so many generations at peace are no longer eager to risk discomfort to resist those upstarts who aggress against them. In so doing they lose everything, becoming serfs to those who previously served them. No peoples can long … Continue reading Quote: Liberty is fed by sacrifice

Solving Falsified Drugs

University College London’s Artwork about our work at RxAll Amazing artwork to depict the journey Adebayo, founder of@RxAll_Inchas gone on after being a victim of falsified medicine himself and his dedication to fight against SF medicines. The overall message of this piece is that his work will be of help to people all around the … Continue reading Solving Falsified Drugs