When drug counterfeiters fight back

Over the last few months, the @rxall has endured a trolling email campaign sponsored by the criminal syndicate behind fake drugs in Africa. RxAll is working hard with enforcement to uncover the identities of those working through an unscrupulous South African based website to negate the great hard work RxAll is doing in Africa and … Continue reading When drug counterfeiters fight back

Noir Blanche

Noir Blanche created by Adebayo Alonge & Andrew Tidby is an abstraction of paint and color at the intersection of midnight. Photo art created during the 2019 Nuit Blanche represents my view of how now methods of mobile photography allows various aspects of light interact with paint, color, darkness and the painter to create an engaging art form that is at once surprising, disconcerting and all-absorbing.

Solving Climate Change

In this article, adebayoalonge explores the history of climate change, assesses the current approaches to solving the climate change crisis and explores the post-human existence of earth should we fail to transform our civilization to protect the earth. He proposes that we must evacuate land, reduce city sprawl and leave the earth to regenerate evacuated lands. We must move from ownership to kinship- human success must be redefined from accumulation to sharing- like our ancestors lived. We must eliminate meat based diets, reduce births per woman, let the forests be and allow ‘wild animals’ free roam. Prices must rise, production volumes must fall and humans must learn to do without.


Will the liberation from colonialism and the end of apartheid have been of no use? Certainly not. But we have a huge job ahead of us. The fate of Africa is in our hands. Collectively. We will do what we want with it, provided that a new awareness of our destiny in the world is raised. At the pace at which this world goes, and the way it treats us, one thing is clear. We will have to do everything and give everything so that no African or person of African descent is treated as a foreigner in Africa.

China as Top Dog is Inevitable

In this essay, adebayoalonge explores the basis for China's rise. He posits that Chinese Capitalism is driven by a higher meaning focused on Chinese ethnic survival. This is what drives the Chinese to make sacrifices that are inconceivable elsewhere in the world, enables Chinese economic competitiveness and serves as the primary driver of China's inevitable rise to global top dog status.