Optimize for kindness

Optimize for kindness.

There is a lot going on. But those that want to speak the truth are drowned out if they don’t fit the existing agenda of those with the platforms.

More people need to pay attention.

If one rejects the principle of avoidance altogether, if nothing is set apart or sacred, hierarchy cannot exist. In a joking world, there are only bodies, and the only possible difference between them is that some are bigger and stronger than others.

We are all the same fundamentally and when we realize this, we will stop being unkind to one another. We will stop all forms of brutality to one another and rest of the world.

For we all have the same desires only walking different paths.

A lot of the pain and suffering in the world today is unnecessary. We can be better. We can do better if we just take the time to see from the other person’s eyes. To sit in their suffering. To feel their pain.

Hell is not a place. It is other people. And their lack of love. Their lack of care. Their lack of feeling.

Be kind, remember your ephemerality. Our ephemerality.

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