The Idolatry Nigerians Call Religion.

Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, and the soul of soulless conditions. It is the opium of the people.

Karl Marx
German Philosopher

At every corner in Nigeria, there is a church, a mosque or a religious organization. Every hour of the day including at nights there is a religious service taking place.

The problems of people, families and the nation are attributed to enemies in the village and demons controlling spiritual principalities. Nigerians are so lost in the invisible realm dominated by nobody such that in the physical realm, they take responsibility for nothing.

They are practicing a faith whose power they deny.

For if they were to truly believe in the God professed by their religions they will accept that faith without works is dead.

They will realize that tithes paid from stolen money is a curse and that building of massive edifices in the name of religious centers while leaving church members starving is hypocrisy.

Why do religious members rush in to donate or as used in their words- sacrifice to help their religious organizations buy up properties? This is done in glee, yet they will fail to collaborate in their neighborhoods to take care of the destitute dying on their streets.


This is no faith. This is no service to God. The religion practiced by many in Nigeria is idolatry. It is accepting as the word of God without questioning, statements issued from the pulpit by charismatic public speakers called men of God. Yet real faith is not the type that fails to question authority. It is not one that leaves problem solving to prayers only. It is not one that seeks to repay and win God’s blessings through rigorous often showy dancing and offering giving during service days. It is not one whose adherents fight one another in the vicinity of their religious premises just after leaving their services.

True faith is different from the syncretic religion Nigerians practice today.

Yet, much as the current state of religion in Nigeria is despicable, it has served many uses. It has been effective in providing succour albeit minimally to thousands of people neglected by the failure of government and the educational system. Many destitute people have received clothing and feeding from time to time by religious organizations. Many unemployed youths have received training in informal vocations from religious bodies. Many families have been saved by pastoral counseling. The call to hope, fate and faith by religious ministers seeking to line their pockets has ensured that Nigerians do nothing about bad ineffective governance; after all God and prayers will bring positive change. This has saved us from civil war  no doubt.

Since religion in Nigeria has served some good, the challenge therefore is to reform it and expand the good it does while limiting its negative aspects.

Religion in Nigeria serves as justification to do nothing in changing bad leaders and as motivation to kill in furtherance of political aims.

Adebayo Alonge
Solutions Ideator


The various ways to reform religion in Nigeria are:

A)    Religious adherents should accept responsibility in knowing the God they serve:

When the bible was made available to more people in Europe in the middle of the last millennium, the apostasy of the catholic leadership was exposed and their wide deviation from the teachings of Christ was revealed. At that time the faithful made payments in cash or kind to receive forgiveness of sins. The understanding of the gospel by the people enabled them to practice what was close to the true faith. This led to the age of renaissance and ultimately to the spread of wealth in most of Europe and the colonies in America and Australia.

The Calvinists, the Burghers, the Quakers believed that all labour done was to the glory of God and believed that they could serve God through their works. They realized that the teachings of ascetism and the irredeemable nature of the world from sin was falsehood and the improvement in the conduct of their various workings through conscientiousness, diligence, honesty and faith led to inventions, trade expansion and ultimately prosperity.

The Uthman dan Fodio jihad was done also to rid Islam of apostasy – the mixing of the Islamic faith with idolatrous rites- in 19th century Hausaland. The increase in societal organization that it brought shows that true faith uplifts.

It is therefore inconceivable that poverty is increasing with the rise of religious penetration in Nigeria. This can only mean that the true faith is not what is being taught in the various religious organizations that hold meetings on Sundays and Fridays. The spread of violence, immorality and crime in Nigeria is surprising, given the number of Nigerians who profess this faith or that.

No religious overseer is more called of God than you and none of them should be given the reverence due to God only. Offerings should be to keep religious overseers comfortable and tithes should be used to carry out programs that reduce poverty in the community.

Nigerians should know the God they serve.

No God will reward you for killing the works of his intelligent design. There will be no virgins or mansions awaiting you for killing the innocent whose only fault is that they do not practice your faith.

In the place of revenge in true faith is forgiveness. In the place of conflict is dialogue. Using this basis, it therefore becomes clear that organizations whose aims are spread through killings e.g. Boko Haram are not of the true God.

B)    Tax all religious organizations

‘‘…lest we offend them, thou shalt find a piece of money, give unto them for me ’’

Matt 17:24, 27, The Holy Bible

The Lord Jesus Christ paid the tribute asked of him by public officials in Capernaum. He even said that what was Caeser’s should be given unto Caesar.

Why then is it that religious organizations do not pay tax in Nigeria today?

With the disruptions thay cause to traffic during services, with the high rate of use of energy from the public grid to power extensive sound and light systems, it is only  moral that they contribute their part to the public good.

If the Lord Jesus paid what was due from him and his diciples to the then ruling power, why then do Nigerians try to shield their religious bodies from contributing to the public good?


You do not fear God less if you make these religious bodies pay their taxes, rather you show that you understand the relevance of such faith organizations in serving as role models of responsible citizenship.

You also provide a framework through such approach that will help to trace illegal funds that are probably being laundered through faith based organizations.

C)    Reform teachings

No doubt above all, God wishes that his creation prosper and be in good health. To however hype this portion of the faith in the guise of wringing funds for a lavish lifestyle from religious members is the greatest scam of the last twenty years in Nigeria by religious overseers.

Teaching God’s will, tolerance towards all people, the virtues of diligence and honesty is more imperative now, so as to return our society from the brink of chaos occasioned  by the  rise of desire  for money rather than value contributed amongst Nigerians. The focus on the prosperity message has reduced the value for hard work and increased the lust for lucre at any cost. This has contributed to the breakdown of the social fabric whose very basis is integrity and this has led to the turning of Nigeria to the Hobbesian state.

People should be made to realize that they are responsible for what happens to them and that neither fate nor faith is the cause of happenings.

When a mast falls because of heavy winds and kills somebody, it is the fault of the company that shoddily erected such a mast and not the destiny of the person who was killed by its falling.

Let them realize that God blesses works and does not create supplies from the blues for lazy people.

Religious overseers should ensure that people realize that children have a right to be raised well rather than suffer deprivations in the pursuit of religious education.

D)    Exclude religion from state functions

The functions of state deal with what is and not what is hoped for. The issue of governance is not that of faith but of reality.

Exclude all religious activities in state functions because any of it that is done, infringes on the rights of non-practitioners who have or do not have their own faiths.

Religion in government also aids sentiment and prevents a culture of objectivity from developing. It also implicitly states that religious overseers are superior to the state and gives them undue influence over political leaders.

Nigerians have to question their respective faiths and differentiate the true faith which liberates from idolatrous religion  which enslaves. They must question why in spite of wide spread religious activity; there is increase in societal decay.

They must realize that God will not do for them or cause their religious leaders to do for them what he has already given them power to do.

We have used the Bible as if it were a mere special constable’s hand book, an opium dose for keeping beasts of burden patient while they were being overloaded, a mere book to keep the poor in order.

Charles Kingsley

Church of England Clergyman

It is only when the vast majority of Nigerians have come to this realization that they can then start to approach liberty from the mind enslavement of the doctrine of fate and hope propagated by religious overseers who are in alliance with the ruling elite,. Until such a time, Nigerians will remain in opium like sedation while before their very eyes their political and religious leaders cart away their nation’s resources for personal benefit.

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55 thoughts on “The Idolatry Nigerians Call Religion.

  1. Finally, another brother is seeing the light. Religion has indeed brought Nigeria to its knees. Religion never helped anybody attain anything.

    1. @Alex ‘Religion never helped anybody attain anything’
      Your lack of faith doesn’t make religion tame. I don’t know of other religions but as a practising Christian I know my God is always by my side and I attribute all of my attainments in life to Him. Of course, it’s a puzzle to the ‘rational’ mind but we can never know all things and that’s the beauty of serving a living God.

      1. The falsehood about religion is to think that God cannot be understood by rational thinking.
        Yet rationality is what God is about. The building blocks of the DNA is similar in all forms of life e.g. the lowly amoeba to the complex man.
        The intricate workings of the ecosystem once understood can be replicated. All of existence is created on the basis of intelligent design and complex rationality.
        The more I know of the true faith as exemplified by the teachings of Christ and indeed some inputs from other religions, the more I understand that God can be approached on the basis of rationality.
        It is the limitations of our understanding that makes us think that God has not explained everything to us already and that we are dependent on faith alone to understand him.
        Yet as science expands, future generations will discover more, much as we have had a better understanding of the working of nature than our forbears, that God has provided all answers that will lead us to him in the universe.

    2. Thank you Alex.
      Religion has its uses as highlighted in the post.
      By helping to modify the lives of a people for the better, true faith helps a people to properly order their steps and the workings of their communities. The fact however that different societies e.g. Chinese, German etc have experienced prosperity and good communal life while practicing different faiths shows that success is not particularly as a result of any one religion but is rather dependent on the ways of living of different people.
      It should be noted though that the true faith helps people live a life closer to that which brings prosperity.

  2. Nice article this is exactly my sentiments. When Nigeria was better we had fewer churches and mosques but alas the charismatic business men now find more profit in churches and as imams cashing in on the poverty rate in the country.

    1. True faith liberates and prospers. the reversal we see today in spite of the rise of these two religions means that the true teachings have been ignored in pursuit of profit.
      Prince you are so on point!

  3. WHAO!!! I was thought not to talk about SEX, Politics, Religion and Money! When Aids became news, People started to talk* about Sex
    When Fuel Price in Nigeria got to N141 naira a day after more than 70 million; people were in church (praying their life into the new year), Occupy Nigeria came up,Politics is been discussed;
    The realization that people have retired and never lived happily ever after on pension is making people talk about money;
    Religion vs spirituality………………………..

    1. You have summed it up well sir.
      Nigeria is approaching the age of enlightenment and the sooner we embrace critical thinking and understanding the faster will be our passage from this dark ages into our renaissance.
      religion and spirituality are two different things.
      The Quakers discovered true spirituality and they could no longer remain in Britain,

  4. If only men will hear the truth about Christianity then some will not even go to church again – they will go their normal businesses. But if they must stay then Christ will then be seen in them. If you are NOT ready to let go your OLD MAN then you dont have any business in the Church. He did not come to make us rich or heal us. He came to deliver us from SIN.

    1. Dear Moses,
      Sin is the cause of disease and poverty.
      by delivering us from Sin, he delivers us from the wages of sin- sickness, poverty, crime etc.
      We therefore need not chase after wealth, for by living according to the true teachings, wealth comes running after us.
      Seek ye first God’s kingdom…

  5. QED… Good article! but will Nigerians ever question their faith or examine their beliefs? they don’t research to find out the truth but will rather be spoon fed with lies that draws their moneys out for the religious scammists.
    From experience, I can say convincingly that Nigerians never learn!

    1. @lizzie The best run government in the world govern without Christ, from Japan to the U.A.E and malaysia. Christ has a deal with our souls not how we govern ourselves. If you are poor its not because you are cursed but because there the things you need to do you’ve not done. If your leader is bad its because you chose him not God and stop lying on Him that he wants the bad leader to be there. I hope we grow in Nigeria to see the light.

      1. @Prince on point.
        Just to add, those who truly encounter Christ will find rest in this world and their decisions though solely their responsibility will by guided by enlightenment from their beliefs in the true faith.

        God will never do for us what he has given us ability to do. This is why people of differing faiths prosper. Those who practice the true faith though will live lifestyles that guarantee their prosperity and the well being of their communities.

  6. Nice write up. Though u cant be given a 100%. God alone is perfect. Wat i knw abt nigerians is dat d only thing dey shld knw wch is nw d only thing dey fail 2 knw is dat: religion is a scale wch shld b used in measuring any deed BEFORE it is being done. If it is in line wt religion, one shld do it bt if nt, one shld desist. Having such a set-mind makes one an enlightend adherent nd nt gullible. B4 d massive spread of Islam nd xtianity in nig, goods ar sold by puting d amount of money 4 d good bside d good and leavin d stall in yorubaland. Any intrestd buyer will chk d money, place it bck, add his own money and carry d good. D trader wil return 2 find d good sold nd pack his money. Islam nd xtianity also preach dese bt adherents dnt follow it. This means that religion is nt 2 blame rather d adherents ar at fault

    1. Yes God alone is perfect, we are all striving unto perfection.

      I agree with you, I will however would prefer if people as you said weigh their actions in the light of the true faith rather than using religion.

      This is because religion is in itself flawed as it is a creation of tradition and the additions of man.

      It is therefore essential that adherents know their faith to avoid being gullible as you put it.

      So yes the the true faith is not to blame for the problems of the society today but rather the fact that religion has twisted its teachings and that adherents have neglected their duty in understanding their faiths.

  7. Can I just highlight that religious institutions are registered as Charity and that’s why they dont pay Tax. They however should be open to scrutiny by the govt and declare how much is coming out and going in to the church’s account annually. Its like that all over the world.
    Removing God from govt. As a christian, I believe that is a tricky line you are treading. Bible says all the nations that forget God shall be turned to hell. I understand your sentiment in a multi-faith society, at the same time, I dont think God and govt should be enemies, especially when the people you are governing see their faith as who they are. Principles could however be drawn from these faiths and imbibed by the govt.
    Apart from that which I disagree on, this is a very poignant write up,

    1. Dear Tee I appreciate the information shared.

      Please note that classifying religious organisations as charity is in itself a fraud.

      Charities are set up using funds from a benefactor to address specific communal problems.

      Religious organisations are however set up to propagate a specific set of beliefs using funds generated on a continual basis from practicing adherents.

      They should therefore be classified separately from charities as well as business organisations, because they are all different, one from the other.

      The separation of state from faith was well understood by the founding fathers of the USA. The fathers of the christian faith- Apostle Paul etc understood this too.

      The very basis of true faith is tolerance, this is in itself is the very embodiment of God. For if God were intolerant all of mankind will have been destroyed rather than have the free will to choose as we currently do.

      Secondly if the true faith is imbibed by the people it will show forth when they get to govern. It is therefore unnecessary to attach religious rites to state activities.

  8. Religion is faith and there is a role for faith in our lives. However, like most things, Nigerians have abused and bastardized religion. They have abused it and manipulated it. They have used it as a weapon to oppressed each other. The rich and powerful have used it as a weapon to control the masses and the poor and the poor have been brain washed by the religious leaders such as Imams and Pastors to accept their conditions as divine and if they want salvation they must accept their present predicament as God given.

    1. Dear Akib,

      I agree that faith has a role in our lives.

      I beg to differ though that religion and faith are similar. Not at all.

      Faith derives from an understanding of the true teachings. Religion is the body of beliefs and rites that are practiced by the institutions developed around a particular belief.

      Faith has been abused into religion and it is religion that is now being used as a tool of manipulation.

  9. Wow! Great piece Bayo! I bet some people will label you an atheist after writing this piece cos their seems to be an unwritten law about talking about religion and religious leaders.

    1. Dear Adelayo,

      Thank you.

      You are right. The fact that we culturally are not allowed to question elders,leaders and faith is a characteristic of the dark ages.

      If people cannot speak their minds in an atmosphere of tolerance, it means we are yet to really imbibe the virtues of the true faith.

  10. This is one of the best write ups I have read in a long time. BRAVO! to you. I totally agree with you all your points and I feel the same way about religion in Nigeria. May God wash the so called people to see the light and stop working for the pastors and their family to enjoy.

    1. Thank you Lynda.
      This what I know about civilizations.
      A) The age of the dark- characterized by a seeking God through objects e.g. money, idols of wood and stone etc
      B) Age of the meeting- the dark meet with an agent of the enlightenment. The agent could be an angel or an explorer from another civilization
      C) Age of Evangelism- the dark convert into the new faith after interaction with agents of the enlightenment
      D) Age of Enlightenment- an understanding of the true nature of the new found faith
      E) Age of Apostasy- ‘traditionalising’ the new faith with elements of the the age of the dark.
      F) Age of Re-enlightenment/Reformation- realization that the new faith is corrupted and an effort to return it to the true state.
      G) Age of renaissance- true living according to the dictates of the true faith. often characterized by tolerance and prosperity.
      H) Age of the questioning- break away into various forms of practices of the true faith as well a s a falling away from the true faith into faithlessness

      The process repeats again.

      I pray God enlightens us.
      Thank you again.

  11. what a crazy write up!go back and learn more abd add more years to your age before opening your mouth to say shit.

    1. Dear Sadiq, I appreciate your passion.

      The flesh is weak but the spirit is strong. The letter killeth but the spirit giveth life. The flesh is young but the spirit being of God is eternal.

      Eternal truths are spewed forth from the mouth of babes and sucklings and it is to the honour of the enlightened if he knows that he knows not.

  12. Have you bothered to ask what happened to some developed countries today? Yes they might be very developed, having so many things we don’t have in Nigeria but Nigeria still has alot of pple who still stand for Christ, in these countries where all these suggestions of yours has been practiced have now lost their young generation to d devil in the code name of alcohol, sex , crime and drugs. seriously?! you want Nigeria to follow tis route? I don’t think so. the issue with us as Nigerians is that we haven’t allowed these teachings we get settle into our everyday life, thats why we have problems. we should stop looking for faults in other places when the fault lies with us as individuals.

    1. Dear Tosin, i share your sentiment.

      In fact we are saying the same thing.

      The problems we have is not because of the true faith, it is because we lack a true understanding of the true faith and have failed to implement its teachings in our lives.

      In the developed world there are still a lot of people who stand for the true faith too, even though the hype is about sex, drugs etc.

      The developed world has a history of governance built on the teachings of the true faith and it is these that have enabled their rise into prosperity.

      The separation of state and religion is a practice of the true faith because it understands the importance of tolerance.

      The Holy Prophet guaranteed the safety of Christians and Jews in his empire. Jesus Christ said i have come not for those who are whole but to heal the sick and the blind.

      If you read my reply to Lynda above, you will realize that the developed world is in an age of civilization that is ahead of us. Their challenges are therefore different.

    1. If you will like to be a featured author contact us through the contact tab on the home page. we will send you an invite. You will however need to start your blog preferably on wordpress.

  13. @ Adebayo: An interesting article including sensible suggestions for reform. I greatly doubt, however, that (A) is remotely achievable. I enjoyed your excellent tone in responding to comments, although there seems to be some hedging and hesitation between the lines. To my mind, Sadiq said it worst and Alex said it best. Future generations will discover that there is no such thing or being as God.

    @ Tosin: Sex, drugs, crime and alcohol are a far bigger problem in Nigeria than in the developed world. The record and stats are there, even though data is poorly collected and under-enumerated in Nigeria. More importantly, if you think that “Nigeria has a lot of people who stand for Christ”, then you have been roundly deceived. It is no secret that a lot of people in Nigeria stand for money and their wager is that exclaiming Christ will eventually give them money.

    @ All: We live in a post-modern world that is utterly surrounded by proof and logic. These two factors have worked wonders for the modern mankind. They point in the direction of real answers and rational behaviour. The human species no longer needs religion. We are all intelligent enough and accustomed to the world which we pretty much fully understand. The ideal would be for a united world for the good. But religion is a rather large factor in preventing such a thing. Its constant misinterpretations and extremist incitations have created boundaries between members of the same species, purely because of a parrot-fashion belief system. Life is simple enough not to need a belief system as guidance.

    Specifically, it is interesting to me the degree that Africans have embraced a religion impressed upon them by missionaries and colonialists, and African-Americans and African-Caribbeans have embraced a religion that was forced upon them as slaves. If there were a God, the notion that he would be so insecure as to need people to bow down to him and worship him is absurd. Attending a religious service might make you feel good when you suspend reality and pretend there is a God who is actually listening, but I would prefer to spend my Sunday mornings in nature enjoying what is real, and not make-believe. And then continue my week being kind to others and making the world a better place.

    1. Dear The Adeniran,

      I love this ”It is no secret that a lot of people in Nigeria stand for money and their wager is that exclaiming Christ will eventually give them money”.

      As to hedging my replies, I seek to learn so I leave the conversation space as open as possible so as to enable those with differing views have their say and pursue their thinking logically without feeling pressed upon. this may come across as hedging and hesitation.

      I also enjoy the way you spend your Sundays and week days. A man who is true with himself cannot be destroyed by the rites of religion.

      Well done

  14. Nigeria has its ills. But to blame religion for it? You are threading a fine line. I agree that faith without works truly is dead (James 2:18-26) but I totally disagree with @adebayoalonge saying God can be understood by rational thinking.(Isaiah 55:8, 1Corinthians 1:27). The Bible makes it clear that all Pastors who lead people astray and use God’s name for personal gain will answer to God himself. In the end, it is up to God to decide who really serves him in sincerity of heart. Good write up but I’m not in agreement a hundred percent.

    1. Dear jamesikuku,
      I appreciate your comments.

      When you control a people’s mind you control their lives. As religion has been used to make the Nigerian people docile and lustful for the material, it serves as the start of any useful reform of our current affairs.

      So yes while not being the sole cause of many of our problems, it bears huge responsibility for the failure of the Nigerian people to reform their affairs.

      As to understanding God through rational thinking, the consistency in the universe points to only a rational God.

      Those who are confounded by foolish things are usually conceited fellows who think they know it all. Rational thinkers are however keen to learn as the more they know, the more they know they do not know.

  15. Great thoughts, good write-up. I thank God for releasing a new breed into Nigeria and the world. People who can dare to think outside the box, question the sanctimonous religious ideologies which are a facade and a galvanized detour from the absolute truth. God bless you. Welcome to the family!

    1. Dear Emma,

      ”…the sanctimonous religious ideologies which are a facade and a galvanized detour from the absolute truth”

      The above is an apt description of religion.

      If Nigerians are more questioning they will be able to separate chaff from the wheat and discover the true path to God.

      I am so honored to be welcome to the family. Cheers

  16. I really appreciate your write-up because it’s quite hard to find such refined minds in Nigeria, and I’ll love to hook up with you ‘cos we think alike. I wrote something similar in one of my notes on facebook recently “Religious Opium – The Bane Of Society”. You can find me on FB with ‘Emeke Ossai’.

    1. Dear EmekeOssai,

      I am honored by you.
      I will be in Lagos next weekend, hope we can meet then.
      As to your note ” Religious Opium- the Bane of Society, we will like to republish it on this site this weekend. if you have a blog send me your email and blog address so that we can invite you as a guest author. You can then publish on this site.

      Otherwise, with your permission, I could copy the text from your Facebook page and publish her with full acknowledgement going to you.

      Best my brother.

  17. Well scripted and thought out I must say. I also appreciate the tone and manner of your response as someone earlier noted. It gives room for more intelligent discussions. I however need you to throw more light on this statement of yours.
    “Nigerians are so lost in the invisible realm dominated by nobody” and the next is ”Offerings should be to keep religious overseers comfortable and tithes should be used to carry out programs…”. According to scriptures I thought it should be tithes for maintenance of the priests.

    1. “Nigerians are so lost in the invisible realm dominated by nobody”- this refers to the supernatural realm to which the causes of all physical problems-man-made and natural- are attributed. By attributing the causes of his problems to the supernatural and since you cannot hold anyone spirit, demon or angel particularly accountable for physical mishaps, blame is shifted from where it should naturally go to a spiritual Mr. Nobody. How many times have you heard Nigerians say that ”God will help us” when complaining about the present state of things. By doing so they shift the immediate need for problem solving and acceptance of responsibility to change their abject conditions to God who will never do man’s work for him. ‘He gave Adam the garden to tend’.

      Read Leviticus and you will see that a part of the offerings was for the keeps of the priests. The tithes was to keep the storehouse of God full. A store is kept for provisions in times of scarcity. As God will not eat of the store directly, he sure was saying that no god-child of his was allowed to starve in periods of lack. It was this reason that he made him speak angrily through Malachi. It is these statements that pastors today have capitalized on to wax rich.

      From Leviticus you will see that the Levites were given a part of the land in a different manner from the other tribes. You will get a feeling that God was focused on ensuring that they were not indulgent.

      Those who are of called of God should reform their faiths and kick out religion and its parasitic beneficiaries.

  18. the problem here is u r all focusing on religion, meanwhile it is a relationship that God requires. if u truely have a relationship and know Him, you can’t be manipulated by anyone, even in the guise of being a “man of God”. Secondly we cannot rule out God in anything; including the ruling of any nation. from the times of the old testament it is the prophets that annoint the kings ordained by God. Nations that have excluded God are gradually failing with all the expertise……

    1. Dear Vera,

      Please note that the crowning of Kings in the name of God has been used by all civilizations- African, Asian etc. It is the compensation men have created to avoid their natural disdain for a fellow man ranked over them. To assuage these feelings they anoint men as chosen of God and often times as God. When these men committed crimes they were excused as knowing better after all they were chosen of God, yet Christ by reminding all humans that they should regard themselves as gods really was pointing to the universal equality of mankind.

      So while faith denotes a relationship with God, religion is mostly man made rites that have evolved over centuries and are aimed at propagating man made aims under the guise of faith.

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