Face of first casualty of occupynigeria protests

Mustafa Muyideen Mofoluwasho Opobiyi of Ilorin is believed to be the first victim in rolling nationwide protests over the lifting of petrol subsidies which are expected to bring higher prices for everything and hardship to Nigerian citizens.

Only days before, the 23 year old Opobiyi had completed his studies in computer training at Da’arul Salam Computer Training Institute of Information and Technology. He arrived in Abuja post-graduation for a short vacation but was shot down in cold blood by Nigerian police at a pro-subsidy protest in Ilorin, Kwara state by the Nigerian police.

The Nigerian Police have however countered that he was stabbed to death by okada/taxi drivers who felt he was in opposition to their cause.

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And when this house shall fall!

             ”And when this house shall fall, it shall fall on the good and evil alike”

President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan kills one  I̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ Nigeria

(Youth shot dead in occupynigeria protest in Ilorin,Nigeria on 03/01/2012)

Young Nigerians be not deceived, revolution is not for the faint-hearted and are almost always paid for in blood. To withdraw without result is the worst failing of those who start out in protest and as already these protests have been bloodied it will be too late  to stop now.

Please however do not have it all rosied in your minds as the stuff of  reformers is of steel.

The President’s timing no doubt is wrong but the policy itself has immense merit. As I stated before he should have reformed his government first and showed the people he is serious about equality and sacrifice by first cutting graft and waste in his government.

Mr. President in a country so diverse you should never unify your enemies at  the wrong time. Nigerians are angry.They are a beleaguered people faced by insecurity,poor infrastructure, high handed government, widespread poverty and pervasive despondency.They are a people weighed down and at this time  feel besieged.

You left alot of people stranded in various parts of the country by the fuel price hike. You need to be more sensitive and read the times sir. Learn this lesson sir-”never unify your enemies because the vultures will be waiting to swoop” and take advantage of this unpopular decision to deal you a deathblow.

I wish you well my President-sincerely and I find this baffling as I never supported you from the start of your government; but when I see a good policy and a threat to the state I must speak for what I know to be right. I must speak against chaos and  the breakdown of civil society.

Sir, you must listen to your people no matter how foolish you may think them to be.You must lead the way in sacrifice before you ask them of same.

It is not too late sir.This policy is good but you must do it the right way.

Happy New Year

Every new year comes with feelings of optimism and hope. This the world certainly needs after a turbulent 2011, a year marked by social upheaval,economic crisis and widespread natural and man-made disasters. In Nigeria today, Jonathan is showing more assertiveness and the state of emergency declared though late,sends a perception of being in control even if it achieves nothing. I hope that leaders worldwide will listen more to their people in 2012. To all who have subscribed and made comments on this blog, thank you. To all who have read our posts thank you. Happy New Year!

Solving Nigeria’s Unemployment Crisis

“The idle everywhere consume a great part of it( i.e. a nation’s annual produce); and according to the different proportions in which it is annually divided between those two different orders of people( i.e. the industrious and idle) ,its ordinary or average value must either annually increase or diminish, or continue the same from one year to another.”

Adam Smith

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