How education in Nigeria seem to be fanning (rather quenching) the flames of inequality in the country

In Growth Alone Won’t Help the Poor, 1st published by the US Foreign Policy Magazine in the run-up to recent presidential elections in Nigeria, I argued that:

Social mobility has been stagnant in Nigeria for decades. High-paying jobs simply go to those with high-quality degrees. And high-quality degrees are a function of a high-quality education. Because high-quality education is a function of high-quality primary and secondary schools and students can seldom obtain a high-quality primary and secondary educational foundation from Nigerian public schools nowadays, families have to buy these credentials from a private school.

One needs a large amount of money to buy a high-quality private education; if your parents are poor, you cannot buy a private school education. And so the children of the rich will always get the well-paid jobs. This cycle reinforces and maintains the widening inequality of opportunity in Nigeria.

The rest is here: – LinkedIn – Twitter

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