Becoming Man (I)

And so humans the so-called Homo Sapiens seeks to continuously differentiate himself from other non-humans. He does so by recreating an unnatural world purely of his own imagination. He creates clothes, tissue paper, money, skyscrapers, a trading economy, implements of war, a class system and then calls himself refined, civilized- the non-beast, the non-savage. Because to him, his civilization represents a refined state of the natural world- that unrefined state from whence he cometh, of which he is sworn never to return and in which all other non-humans and animals remain stuck. The Homo Sapien wants to become man and he will hate on, destroy anything that reminds him of who is - an ape, indeed a simple animal same as all other animals of the earth.

Corona Quacks: Exposing fake coronavirus cures in Ghana – BBC Africa Eye documentary

Coronavirus is sparking an upsurge in falsified drug cures. Personally and through my company RxAll, we are supporting the distribution of this eye-opening BBC undercover documentary exposing the fake cures being peddled in Ghana, West Africa. Premieres in 50 minutes at 2:30PM ET. Be First to Watch.#BBCAfricaEye or @BBCAfrica

Has Nigeria’s oil fortunes been breeding billionaires at the expense of combating poverty?

In 2004, more than 68 million Nigerians were living in poverty with zero number of billionaires in the country. By 2010 these figures have risen: the poor to about 113 million & the number of billionaires from zero to two. That means for every additional billionaire that is made into the Nigerian Forbes’s list, there … Continue reading Has Nigeria’s oil fortunes been breeding billionaires at the expense of combating poverty?

Only the African can bring an end to his own oppression

You will find that there will come a time when black people wake up and become intellectually independent enough to think for themselves.Then the black man will think like a black man and he will feel for other black people.And this type of thinking also will bring an end to the brutality inflicted upon black people.And it is the only thing that will bring an end to it. No federal court, state court or city court will bring an end to it. It is something that the black man has to bring an end to himself.

Nigeria’s best head of state since independence? – @dapelzg

On 1st October of this year, Nigeria will mark its Diamond Jubilee, the 60th anniversary of its independence. It has so far been ruled & governed by 12 heads of states, an average of five years in the office per leader. If you’re up-to-date with Nigeria’s leadership history, which of the leaders do you think … Continue reading Nigeria’s best head of state since independence? – @dapelzg