Understanding the DNA of Neo-Colonial State Violence

The fallacy of independence is when so-called citizens think they are citizens when in reality they are simply subjects to their state. Their new conquerors are not in a different shape or form from them. They themselves don't even know what possesses them to perpetuate the colonial subjugation upon those who would otherwise be family. The system they inherited excludes them and gives them a new nature that helps them see themselves as separate and above their masses. It is in the DNA of colonially-inherited state institutions .

Nigeria must work for Nigerians

The #EndSars protests in Nigeria are a sign of wider discontent and anxiety among Nigerian youths for their future. Nigerian youths face an increasing lack of opportunity. #EndSARS is just a symptom of a much wider decay in Nigerian society. The Nigerian government will be well served to listen and accelerate its efforts towards creating a Nigeria that works for Nigerians rather than only for the 0.1% elite & their foreign collaborators.

all lives matter. Black Men Must Matter Too.

Source: PickPik All Lives Matter. White Lives Matter Asian Lives Matter Arab Lives Matter Indigenous Lives Matter Black Lives Matter Black Women Matter Black Men Matter Too! In racialised societies especially in those where White Men are dominant at the top of the pecking order, Black People generally have worse outcomes in longevity and income … Continue reading all lives matter. Black Men Must Matter Too.

The Coronavirus is still infecting humans and economies:

Within three-quarters of its outbreak, the virus has infected more than 18 million lives, killed roughly two-thirds of a million, shrank and still shrinking economies. The world has so far expended over 11 trillion dollars in stimulus package.But the virus cannot be defeated by a financial stimulus. It can only be defeated by a vaccine and … Continue reading The Coronavirus is still infecting humans and economies:

The virus is not only going after the lungs of migrants. It’s also going after their pockets & consequently feeding off (feasting on) the dollars they sent home:

Latest op-ed for FP: https://foreignpolicy.com/2020/07/20/covid-19-remittances-pandemic-humanitarian-disaster/ https://www.linkedin.com/posts/dapelz_it-is-too-late-to-save-these-victims-of-the-activity-6690994311250673665-e6Io https://twitter.com/dapelzg/status/1285229022360862720?s=21

Fiscal-related corruption in Nigeria runs through a ‘five-man’ syndicate. Here is how the network operates & what can be done to fracture it:

Fiscal-related corruption in Nigeria runs through a 'five-man' syndicate. Here's how the network operates & what can be done to fracture it: https://businessday.ng/opinion/article/the-network-of-fiscal-related-corruption-in-nigeria-and-how-the-syndicate-operates/ https://www.linkedin.com/posts/dapelz_the-network-of-fiscal-related-corruption-activity-6687083773722447872-Jf4A https://twitter.com/dapelzg/status/1281319182341193729?s=21

How education in Nigeria seem to be fanning (rather quenching) the flames of inequality in the country

In Growth Alone Won’t Help the Poor, 1st published by the US Foreign Policy Magazine in the run-up to recent presidential elections in Nigeria, I argued that: Social mobility has been stagnant in Nigeria for decades. High-paying jobs simply go to those with high-quality degrees. And high-quality degrees are a function of a high-quality education. … Continue reading How education in Nigeria seem to be fanning (rather quenching) the flames of inequality in the country

Becoming Man (I)

And so humans the so-called Homo Sapiens seeks to continuously differentiate himself from other non-humans. He does so by recreating an unnatural world purely of his own imagination. He creates clothes, tissue paper, money, skyscrapers, a trading economy, implements of war, a class system and then calls himself refined, civilized- the non-beast, the non-savage. Because to him, his civilization represents a refined state of the natural world- that unrefined state from whence he cometh, of which he is sworn never to return and in which all other non-humans and animals remain stuck. The Homo Sapien wants to become man and he will hate on, destroy anything that reminds him of who is - an ape, indeed a simple animal same as all other animals of the earth.

Corona Quacks: Exposing fake coronavirus cures in Ghana – BBC Africa Eye documentary

Coronavirus is sparking an upsurge in falsified drug cures. Personally and through my company RxAll, we are supporting the distribution of this eye-opening BBC undercover documentary exposing the fake cures being peddled in Ghana, West Africa. Premieres in 50 minutes at 2:30PM ET. Be First to Watch.#BBCAfricaEye or @BBCAfrica