Investing In Africa’s Future

Africa’s youth makes up over 60% of its population

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Finding opportunities for young people is a critical challenge for Africa, where 62 percent of the population—more than 600 million young people—is below the age of 25. With no signs that population growth will slow in the decades to come, it is imperative that Africa leverage the talent and energy of its youth to create dramatically higher levels of prosperity and equality and avoid the latent risks of unemployment and social instability. – See more at:

On  Tuesday, July 15, 2014 between 2-3 pm EST, I and four other Nigerian youths will contribute to discussions on”Investing in the future of Africa” with Linda Thomas-Greenfield (Assistant Secretary of State for Africa) and Evan Ryan (Assistant Secretary of State for Educational and Cultural Affairs).

This theme forms the main topic of discussion in August between President Barack Obama and all African heads of state and key highlights of tomorrow’s discussion will form part of the ongoing compilation of views of Africa’s youth on this subject.Please join us and make your contribution.

This discussion will take place via Google+ Hangout located here :

The event streams live and will be available afterwards on the YouTube channel of the US state department

Please feel free to post the link on Facebook, share it on Twitter, pass it along to the other fellows, your friends and your University contacts.

Discussions will be led by-

Assistant Secretary for African Affairs Linda Thomas-Greenfield:

Assistant Secretary for Educational and Cultural Affairs Evan Ryan:

ABC News Digital Reporter Dana Hughes (Dana will moderate the Google+ Hangout):

Cyrus Salabwa Kawalya | Uganda|University of California-Berkeley

Sylvie Tougouma | Burkina Faso|University of Virginia and the College of William & Mary

Adebayo Samuel Alonge | Nigeria|Yale University

AfuaSerwahAkotoPrempeh | Ghana|Florida International University

Kenneth Eric Muthomi | Kenya|Clark Atlanta University

Africa’s population represents a sweet spot opportunity- large numbers of youth able to provide labour and few numbers of dependents- that may boost savings, investments and consumption. However this opportunity may be lost if the continent does not position itself as a competitive location for economic value creation in manufacturing ,IT and other modern industries. Africa’s youth must lead the way in creating policies and economic systems that attract global industry so that African youth can have the opportunity to make use of their talent at work.

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