Who Should Win Nigeria’s 2019 Presidential Election?

Nigerians have to choose between 2 uninspiring candidates for its 2019 presidential elections. They would do best to elect the candidate that prioritises social welfare programs for its poor.


Will AI Save or Destroy Us?

This is my most important read of 2018. In this Book, I rediscovered the joy of learning new things. George, amazingly does a great job of bringing together all the disciplines I love- archaeology, anthropology, history, arts, philosophy, social studies, literature, biology, physiology,neuroscience and computing. Every page, every single word was a joy. He even … Continue reading Will AI Save or Destroy Us?

#God’s Plan: $150K Cash Investment For African Impact-Focused Startup

As part of enabling the next generation of Africa's social impact entrepreneurs, a $150K (USD) cash for equity investment opportunity  through the Katapult Accelerator exists for an African based startup using exponential technologies i.e. AI, Block chain, Quantum computing etc. to solve a social issue on the African continent. I am especially interested in nominating startups … Continue reading #God’s Plan: $150K Cash Investment For African Impact-Focused Startup