Why Occupuynigeria May Fail.

''Young Nigerians rushed into protests, organized labour was unprepared for what hit it and there was no scale up of national economic shutdown because of ethnic divisions and improper coordination. This was the government’s game plan and like fools, the rest of society played its script’’ Adebayo Alonge (Public Affairs Analyst) On January 1, 2012, … Continue reading Why Occupuynigeria May Fail.

The Nigerian President , …

The Nigerian President , Goodluck Jonathan seems to worship his finance minister.It appears he does not have in-depth understanding of how this subsidy thing really works. At the last presidential chat on subsidy removal, he was asked what he had achieved so far. He said he has renowned technocrats leading the economic team. He exudes low confidence, like he is ill prepared for his job as president. In civilized climes the presidency is never foisted. It goes to leaders who have proven their mettle from childhood. This is the sort of leader a society that hopes on luck for development, gets.

And when this house shall fall!

             ''And when this house shall fall, it shall fall on the good and evil alike'' (Youth shot dead in occupynigeria protest in Ilorin,Nigeria on 03/01/2012) Young Nigerians be not deceived, revolution is not for the faint-hearted and are almost always paid for in blood. To withdraw without result is … Continue reading And when this house shall fall!

Solving Nigeria’s Unemployment Crisis

"The idle everywhere consume a great part of it( i.e. a nation's annual produce); and according to the different proportions in which it is annually divided between those two different orders of people( i.e. the industrious and idle) ,its ordinary or average value must either annually increase or diminish, or continue the same from one … Continue reading Solving Nigeria’s Unemployment Crisis