The Nigerian President , …

The Nigerian President , Goodluck Jonathan seems to worship his finance minister.It appears he does not have in-depth understanding of how this subsidy thing really works. At the last presidential chat on subsidy removal, he was asked what he had achieved so far. He said he has renowned technocrats leading the economic team. He exudes low confidence, like he is ill prepared for his job as president. In civilized climes the presidency is never foisted. It goes to leaders who have proven their mettle from childhood. This is the sort of leader a society that hopes on luck for development, gets.

3 thoughts on “The Nigerian President , …

  1. That’s right Bayo. Merely looking at him, does he appear like a President with any atom of intelligence in his head? He is as ignorant as a peasant.

    I wonder what criteria is used to elect leaders in this country.

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