What They Don’t Tell You About Africa

Africa is not poor but it suffers from poverty. And this poverty is due to unbridled capitalism

Adebayo Alonge

Solutions Ideator

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“Africans are fools. They allow themselves to be cheated by their leaders and by the rest of the world”

Without further context, this statement may be passed off as the seething outburst of a frustrated foreigner who cannot seem to understand why a continent so rich in natural resources and people does not seem to be able to lift its millions out of poverty. Yet this statement is the expressed frustration of many Africans and is representative of the deep anger that many feel about the current state of affairs on the continent and the complicity of the ruling elite in impoverishing their own communities.

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The End of Competitive Advantage

Digitization has destroyed the concept of sustainable competitive advantage

            Rither Gunther Mcgrath

Strategy has always focused on companies attaining sustainable competitive advantage-which is the unique position a company attains by configuring its operational activities in a manner that competitors cannot duplicate.

In “the end of competitive advantage”, Mcgrath argues that companies that will succeed on the long term in today’s boundary-less and barrier-free markets must be those who can flexibly exploit temporary competitive advantages while remaining focused on their long term vision.

Digitization has made information a commodity and sustainable competitive advantage hard to defend.Companies that will succeed in this hyper-competitive environment will be those that are entrepreneurial i.e. able to identify and exploit opportunities as they arise.

What Way Forward For Africa’s Agriculture?

The World Bank estimates that, on current trends, sub-Saharan Africa will meet the MDGs in 2147

Source: http://www.stephenleahy.net

Africa is the only region in the world where poverty and hunger are on the increase. The number of undernourished Africans increased by one million a year from 2000 to 2002, though the proportion of people undernourished reduced from 36% to 33% over the previous ten years.

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The cost of fifty-one years (I)

Any society that seeks to achieve security against the background of acute food shortages, population explosion, low level of productivity and per capita income, low technological development, inadequate and sufficient utilities and chronic unemployment, has a false sense of security”

Robert McNamara( Former Secretary of Defense, USA)

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