POEM: Colonizing is rape

Colonizing a people is rape

You grab them by the jugular

And throw them down

You beat them

Then undress them

And steal their treasures

You ravish them

You lead them by the neck into bondage

To continue to satisfy your lust at will

To produce bastards for your children to continue to devour

Then you insult their memory by saying they asked for it by being uncivilized

You perpetuate their trauma for generations by keeping evidence of their rape in your museums

For your children and those of others to voyeuristically pleasure themselves as they relive how you raped them

Odes to your glory, greed and viciousness

This is the colonial legacy wherever it was wrought

Yet the rapist continues to claim the high ground

He says, they asked for it so I did it

I ravished them to civilize them

I keep their treasures I stole because they do not deserve it

I raped them because they are weak

This is the colonial legacy in Africa

The classic legacy of a rape so vile and so complete

Yes, so complete

Because the victim equates the rape of the coloniser as true love

When a decent lover shows up and says I love you

I give you your treasures, let you own your land and be yourself

The victim says no you don’t love me

Whip me! choke me! throw me down! ravish me! rape me!

Yes! Yes! this is how I know you love me

The victim pines for the love of the coloniser

They run to their capitals to live and call that the high life

The coloniser says I am tired of raping you, I am done with you

Now go back to where I brought you from

The victim cries no, please rape me more

Do not leave me

How can I survive without your abuse?

This is the tale of Africa

The story of its rape and its pining to be continuously raped

Both the raper and the raped, the coloniser and the colonised

Are now in an eternal tango of rough ravishment

The coloniser can no longer get rid of the victim

And the colonised cannot envision a life without being victimized

So they must now carry on together for eternity

Destinies bound, never to unleash.

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