UNODC: Falsified medical products: The role of education in tackling this parallel pandemic

Join Adebayo Alonge on the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime’s session on “Falsified medical products: The role of education in tackling this parallel pandemic” which will be held on Wednesday 2 December at 14:00 CET.

Panelists include:

·         Flavia Romiti (moderator) – Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice Officer, UNODC. @flavia_romiti

·         Oksana Pyzik – Founder of University College London (UCL) Fight the Fakes & Lecturer, UCL School of Pharmacy. @OksanaPyzikUCL | @UCLFightsFakes

·         Xiumei Wang – Professor, College for Criminal Law Science, Beijing Normal University

·         Adebayo Alonge – Pharmacist, Founder & CEO RxAll Inc.

·         Hasitha Senevirathne – Student and Deputy Secretary General 2019, THIMUN Qatar

To register for this as well as other panels, please use the following link:

This is part of a series of sessions under the Education for Justice (E4J) Global Dialogue Series taking place from 1st to 4th December 2020.

This event will consist of more than 30 interactive online discussions on the topics of education for the rule of law, youth voice and the role of schools and higher education institutions in contributing to the SDGs, in particular SDG 16. The discussions will focus on and target primary, secondary and tertiary education levels, with a particular emphasis on how the international education community needs to respond to the growing challenges that education is currently facing.

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