Cresting the wave: In Pursuit of Social Impact Purpose

Adebayo Alonge heading to podium to speak at the West Africa TechPointInspire Conference on June 1, 2019 in Lagos, Nigeria

Cresting the Wave: In Pursuit of Social Impact Purpose

Nothing consumes me as much as improving the lives of others and sharing about how to create Impact for the world’s marginalised- of which there are still too many.

Every young person who I convert from a life focused on pursuit of money to a life focused on pursuit of purposeful social impact; every young person I can get to begin to focus on serving their communities, the poor and oppressed around them, is like a Star in the heavens- immensely precious to me and to their generation.

We need more young people to solve the social problems of our time in a manner that is humane, accessible and affordable and which puts the people and environment and indeed all life first.

In the Social Impact Space, there is room for you, just come in. It won’t be easy but it will be worthwhile.

#crestingthewave #socialimpact
#safedrugs #fightthefakes

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