Commiserating with the flight crew and Pius Adesanmi of Ethiopian Flight ET302

My heart goes out to Ethiopian Airlines. Cpt. Yared Gatechew and Chief Air Hostess Sara Gebre. I am sure other members of the ET 302 cabin crew were with you when we flew Addis to Cape Town + Addis to Maputo last year.
Totally heart wrenching when I heard news the ET302 went down. I was restless the night/early morning of.

My dear friend and intellectual mentor Pius Adesanmi from the University of Ibadan Alumni and literary circle of intellectuals, still cannot belief that we lost you on this day. Words fail me. I am consoled that you did all the good you could while you could. And that you were a guide post for those of us who seek a better life for our people- do good, while you can.

I wish your families and the Ethiopian nation fortitude.
I pray your beautiful souls rest in the Lord’s.

It is well.

Written by Adebayo Alonge

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