RE (I):The Myth of Trickle Down Economic Policies

The article below is a response to the first comment from Wallesmit on the last post entitled- The Myth of Trickle Down Economic Policies A second response to his second comment will be posted soon on this blog, please be on the watch out. Click this link- The Myth of Trickle Down Economic Policies to read Wallesmit's first comment in … Continue reading RE (I):The Myth of Trickle Down Economic Policies


And my people shall not be slaves in their land  Adebayo Alonge Solutions Ideator Does Nigeria have any reason being poor? It is the consensus that she is blessed with what many other nations lack- talented people, a burgeoning population, an advantageous demographic, clement climate, abundant natural resources and cultural diversity. She has access to … Continue reading ENDING POVERTY IN NIGERIA