The Adebayo Alonge Podcast Show- Season 1, Episode 1:Explaining Clubhouse: Tracing my ancestry

Clubhouse is this audio only social network like a sort of audio reddit. You drop into rooms and listen to others talk. You may be asked to talk if you raise your hands. Sessions last about 90mins on average.

I have been interested in understanding the tech stack architecture and what is really interesting is tracing my ancestry i.e. those who invited those who invited me to the app.

I traced 7 ancestors who had joined before me between March 2020 to January 2021.

Interestingly, I discovered that my originator top line ancestor has no upstream invite – and is likely an investor in Clubhouse.

Another interesting insight is that the average time from when an inviter joins to when they invite someone else has reduced from 2 months in 2020 to 1 month in 2021. This shows acceleration in the growth of the platform.

See my ancestry below , their social stats, dates they joined and dates after them that those they invited in my tree joined:-

  1. Katie Stanton (2.6M followers, 633 following) Joined March 30, 2020 , then
  2. Kwindla Hultman Kramer (486 followers, 286 following) Joined June 1, 2020 (2months after) , then
  3. Randeep Singh (598 followers, 367 following) Joined Aug 11, 2020 (2.3months after) , then
  4. Kirill Zakharov (1100 followers, 83 following) Joined Oct 20, 2020, based in Montreal (2months after) , then
  5. Kharesh Khurtoo (131 followers, 166 following) Joined Dec 20, 2020 (2months after) , then
  6. Carlo Campisi (144 followers, 347 following) Joined Dec 29, 2020 , based in Montreal (9days after) , then
  7. Harris Kalash (76 followers, 99 following) Joined Jan 12, 2021 (13 days after) , then
  8. myself i.e. Adebayo Alonge (10 followers, 9 following) Joined Feb 28, 2021 (1.5 months after)

Amazing stuff, right.

I love the growth hacking strategy especially with user acquisition leveraging users to drive others to sign up – marginal cost of customer acquisition.

Textbook case of a solid low cost user acquisition strategy.

Right now the race is on to build influencer led communities that can be monetized.

The platform is already valued over $1B even though it is non-revenue generating.

The power of network effects .

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