Power Law: Law of Attraction

“Laws of attraction don’t just think you are just talking , put out the energy so that it transforms into your dreams for you to grab. Everything that is in your head that you imagined is finally here, success after success”

Adebayo Alonge

Your mind is where it all starts.

Everything you dream about today will be achieved within 15 years.

It happened for you. It will happen for you.

Pursue your dreams and don’t be afraid of the naysayers.

In fact show up at the school of failure- full attendance, for every failure is learning to do it better.

Be open to toiling from the bottom, there is no shame in hard work or starting from the mud; because your rags will turn to riches and you will grow through the process. And find meaning in life.

If you play your part, you will be ready when the light shines on you.

Speak the future you want by writing and declaration- on a daily. It will surprise you how much will come through.

Never give up on yourself for you are a god!

Remember it is what think that you say and it is what you say that is – only you can write Yourstory.

Believe in yourself. It is up to you if it is to be.

Go get your dreams!

Believe in yourself.

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