When drug counterfeiters fight back

Over the last few months, the @rxall has endured a trolling email campaign sponsored by the criminal syndicate behind fake drugs in Africa. RxAll is working hard with enforcement to uncover the identities of those working through an unscrupulous South African based website to negate the great hard work RxAll is doing in Africa and SE Asia to protect from fake drugs. RxAll remains resolute- we will not stop until innocent people are assured that the drugs they take are safe. No amount of email threats of a coordinated smear campaign will stop us from continuing with our work. Just as you were unsuccessful in your assassination attempts of Prof. Dora Akunyuli, you will be unsuccessful in attempting to stop the good work @rxall is doing in building a global platform and coalition to make drugs safe across the world. So long as you would not deter, so also we will not deter from our mission. Be assured of this.

Our work is so impactful and users like it so much that a customer in far-away Myanmar made this video that went viral in SE Asia. They made the video solely of their own volition because they have benefited immensely from our platform.

And some criminal syndicate thinks that threatening the work @rxall is doing will stop us from continuing with our work.


When drug counterfeiters fight back, we continue undeterred with our mission. We will keep fighting even harder. We will work with more people, with anyone and everyone to accomplish our mission. We will integrate and embed existing solutions and alternative approaches to solving this problem into our platform. We will accept and seek out offers of partnership. We will advocate and mobilise a global movement to make drugs safe. Our goal is singular- no one must die anymore, anywhere from substandard, fake and contaminated drugs.

We are not afraid of criminal syndicates whose only sole motive is to stop disruptive new platforms like @RxAll from curtailing their money-spinning blood-sucking immoral and criminal enterprise. We will unmask you however you hide your IP or take ‘anonymous’ cover behind unscrupulous websites or emails- whether in South Africa or anywhere in the world.

We will not stop until we have a full global coalition that helps everyone access safe drugs. Drugs must be safe across the world.

RxAll is more than a platform, it is a global movement for safe drugs. Criminal drug counterfeiters cannot stop a movement whose time has come.

#safedrugs #RxAll #mission

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