Canada is being proactive about its Arctic region

Adebayo Alonge with Chrystia Freeland (Canada MP & Foreign Minister)

Global warming is melting polar caps and opening up sea lanes in the Arctic region. China, Russia and the USA are all taking geo-strategic positions in this region in anticipation. Arctic sea lanes enable faster shipping between Northern Europe and East Asia. In fact the distance between Northern Europe and Shanghai through the Arctic- is reduced by 3000 nautical miles vs going through the Suez Canal.

The recent bid by the US president for Greenland is all part of the geo-strategic positioning by the great powers as global warming opens up the Arctic.

The Premier of Canada’s Northwest Territories recently met with the Ontario business community to push the case for investment in this region and for an increased Canadian military presence.

Global warming is severely impacting Canada’s Arctic Communities. It is affecting their traditional way of life which has historically revolved around hunting. As temperatures warm, game is becoming less abundant. In fact new methods of building have to be considered.

On discussing these implications with Canada’s foreign Minister, The Honourable Chrystia Freeland, I was reassured by the effort of the Canadian government in addressing this issue head on.

The government is working to increase Canada’s military presence in the region. Also enabling investment in icebreakers and supporting local communities to transition.

I am proud of Canada’s Government’s efforts in securing Canada’s interests in this fast-opening up region and protecting and providing for the communities being impacted by warming in this region. Sadly, climate change is real but it comes with practical responsibilities, opportunities and risks that the Canadian Government is tackling head on. #truenorth

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