China wants your data and she is not playing

In my most recent Op-Ed- China in Africa: An African Millennial’s Perspective on Engaging China , I posit on Chinese data acquisition strategy in Africa.

I also stated that the US is aware of how Chinese made hardware is set up for back doors to enable  unauthorized data mining.

Well, Bloomberg’s published today on how China installed a microchip- the size of a rice grain into servers sold by Super Micro Computers

This chip helped provide  a backdoor access to Chinese operatives for data mining of data centers that affected 30 major companies including Apple Inc.

hack 1

hack 2

hack 3

hack 6

Source: Bloomberg

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Africans need to take data rights and privacy seriously and understand the value they hold.

Sign our petition to President Kagame to get the AU to take more action to secure African data and ensure that Africans benefit from their data.

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