4 thoughts on “Raw Video Of Kaduna Easter Bomb Blast

  1. It is really a pity and quite frightening that we found ourselves in this pathetic situation in this country. Most of the victims were Okada riders, some Hausa women selling akamu & akara and a tea seller (Mai shayi). This is my rout to the office everyday. It is only by the mercy of the almighty God that I was at home at that very moment due to the Easter holiday. Security? what security? The Government is helpless, our security agencies are ill trained and ill equipped and utterly helpless. The citizens are helpless. What is the solution. Please, someone help us out. May the souls of the departed victims rest in peace. God we need you now more than anytime in our lives. I understand that the ground zero was not the target of the bombers, but the bomb went off accidentally.

    1. Dear Jibrin,
      Please read the suggested solutions on this blog entitled ”Solving The Boko Haram Menace”.
      You may search for it in the Archives.
      Those people who died woke up to the day like us all, see how some people ended their lives. We must unite as Citizens against this people.

    1. Dear Joey,

      Jibrin may be right. Sources said that the car initially tried to force its way into a church but was turned back and then exploded along the road close to the church.

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