Climate change is accelerating disparities in healthcare access in Africa. Technology can help


although climate change is exacerbating pre-existing gaps in the African health care system and worsening healthcare outcomes across the continent, digital technologies can be used to enable Africa’s healthcare system to leapfrog current gaps

Solving Climate Change

In this article, adebayoalonge explores the history of climate change, assesses the current approaches to solving the climate change crisis and explores the post-human existence of earth should we fail to transform our civilization to protect the earth. He proposes that we must evacuate land, reduce city sprawl and leave the earth to regenerate evacuated lands. We must move from ownership to kinship- human success must be redefined from accumulation to sharing- like our ancestors lived. We must eliminate meat based diets, reduce births per woman, let the forests be and allow ‘wild animals’ free roam. Prices must rise, production volumes must fall and humans must learn to do without.