2019 coming updates to The AA blog and defining Uber

Uber is not a ride sharing, ride hailing or taxi company. Uber is an on demand platform for autonomous vehicles.

adebayoalonge.wordpress.com: 2012 Annual Report

We have prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog so that our online community would know how we fared. We aimed to hit 20,000 visits and expand our reach to 120 countries in 2012. We achieved 18,000 visits and 112 countries. Also we have received several requests for partnerships from various individuals and corporate … Continue reading adebayoalonge.wordpress.com: 2012 Annual Report

Happy New Year

Every new year comes with feelings of optimism and hope. This the world certainly needs after a turbulent 2011, a year marked by social upheaval,economic crisis and widespread natural and man-made disasters. In Nigeria today, Jonathan is showing more assertiveness and the state of¬†emergency¬†declared though late,sends a perception of being in control even if it … Continue reading Happy New Year