Understanding the DNA of Neo-Colonial State Violence

There is no separating colonial/conquistador DNA from the institutions inherited by neocolonial states in Africa, the Americas and Asia.

Every state that has inherited this DNA is eternally violent to what would otherwise be its citizens.

The fallacy of independence is when so-called citizens think they are citizens when in reality they are simply subjects to their state.

Their new conquerors are not in a different shape or form from them.

They themselves don’t even know what possesses them to perpetuate the colonial subjugation upon those who would otherwise be family.

The system they inherited excludes them and gives them a new nature that helps them cope in seeing themselves as separate and above their masses.

It is beyond them.

It is in the DNA of colonially-inherited state institutions .

This is why those who swore to serve and protect only serve and protect the real founders of the colonial enterprise and mete out violence to the conquered subjects.

The story is the same alike whether in Nigeria, USA or Peru.

The founders of the colonial vestige who are often white are protected by the instruments of the states they left over.

The subjects who are often black or indigenous are subject to its violence.

It is why white people get the police entourage in Nigeria. And the so-called black citizens get bullets even when they sit and sing their independence anthems.

Until Africans understand the DNA of their oppression, they cannot change it.


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