Becoming Man (I)

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Since the human is an animal and to be more precise an ape-animal, he should exist in a state similar to other animals. A state of non-consciousness. A state he refers to as ‘natural’, ‘unrefined’, at peace with the environment and one’s self. Seeking only immediate gratification, having no memory and planning for nothing. This is the natural state of the world, indeed of all the natural beings we call animals and which we refer to as ‘beasts’ and ‘savages’.

That the human is conscious in a world of millions of non-conscious non-sentient other species is an abnormality. He is the abnormal in the normal. His consciousness is an aberration, indeed a mental sickness. For he sees the world not as it is but as he wills it to be. And in so doing because of his ‘aberrative’ mind seeks to mould it to what it is not and in so doing destroys it and eventually himself.

In not seeing himself in the other species, he calls them beasts, savages, animals, sub-human and justifies them to be treated differently and indeed often-times hideously vs. himself. After all they are different and their difference warrants them to be dehumanized since they are not human.

In applying this logic, the human also sees other sentient humans who are different from himself as being of a different nature and even of a different species. If their interpretation of their own consciousness is such that they see the world differently, they are sub-human also. After all in his mind, those who see the world as I see it are human as I am human.

In defining himself human and those who see the world as he does as human, anyone else who is different is therefore non-human. They hold a terror for him in his mind that they may make him become them- a non-human too.

And so humans the so-called Homo Sapiens seeks to continuously differentiate himself from other non-humans. He does so by recreating an unnatural world purely of his own imagination. He creates clothes, tissue paper, money, skyscrapers, a trading economy, implements of war, a class system and then calls himself refined, civilized- the non-beast, the non-savage. Because to him, his civilization represents a refined state of the natural world- that unrefined state from whence he cometh, of which he is sworn never to return and in which all other non-humans and animals remain stuck. The Homo Sapien wants to become man and he will hate on, destroy anything that reminds him of where he is coming from and who he truly is – an ape, indeed a simple animal same as all other ‘beasts’ of the earth.

When he sees all other Homo Sapiens, he compares their level of refinement to how far along they are removed from the natural state in comparison to himself and rates them on a rank of savagery.

If they are sufficiently superior to him along the evolutionary journey of self refinement from ape to the man he wants to become, he will covet them and imitate them. If he is sufficiently powerful and overpowers them in deploying violence, he will conquer and absorb them. He will become them and advance his march to becoming man faster.

If he has created his ‘civilization’ through sheer brute force, cunning and imagination and becomes one to whom other homo sapiens seek to become, he becomes the role model of man to his ‘other less advanced humans’. He achieves supremacy and his interpretation of the world becomes the mark of refinement that all ‘other less advanced humans’ seek to become. In his mind he knows he is not yet man, so he is filled with despair, yet he knows that he has assumed the position of the man in minds of other less sophisticated humans and he is in dread to lose his supremacy lest he becomes like them and becomes non-human.

This is the state of modern civilization today, for the modern world is a construction of the mind of the Caucasian- the so-called white man. Since the modern world was built by the white man according to his imagination, his very existence in it is of his own making and so he is the human in it. Those whose interpretation of the world is different because of their culture and place of origin and who are therefore not white are different and are therefore not human in his world. They may be humans in their world of their own making. But if they must be human in a world constructed by white humans according to white human imagination and built to serve white humans, they must become white.

Therefore since the non-white has been subjugated or enforced or assimilated into the white world whether of his own choosing or not; for him to be human he must become white. He must learn the white man’s language. Speak like the white man. Dress like the white man. Become the white man. Only then will he become white and advance his evolution to becoming man.

However the white man knows he is not yet man. He knows what he has created is only of his imagination. He knows that his supremacy arises from making others believe he is different and indeed special. That he is man. But he knows he is not man. He wants to be man and he wants others to see him as man. He dreads that someone different will take his place and become the one seen as man and in which case he becomes non-human and therefore non-man. This terror drives his imagination to stay ahead. To research and develop his evolution ever faster from his natural state so that he can fast track his becoming man.

When non-white humans wail about white supremacy they are simply complaining of their non-human representation in the white man’s world. Yet by seeking equality in a white man’s world they seek to be seen as white so that they can be seen as human and to thus become man.

Without seeking to redefine the world in their own interpretation and by simply accepting the modern world as is and seeking equality with the white man in his own world, they accept the supremacy of the white man and their own place in it.

Even if they were to recreate their world and by some force of arms or stroke of luck become the human in it and achieve the prestige of being the man that the other non-humans look up to in their quest to become man, they would have simply replaced white supremacy with non-white supremacy. The oppressed of today will become the oppressor of tomorrow.

The cycle will only continue as the new human continues his quest to become man – a goal that is unachievable.

Ultimately, for the Homo Sapien to find his peace, he must seek to be himself rather than becoming man.

2 thoughts on “Becoming Man (I)

  1. Even for anyone who will diasgree with the narrative, the last sentence holds a daring truth, to find his peace, everyone must seek to be himself rather than becoming man.

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