Musings of the African millennial: Quotes on dreaming


Many people’s lives I  have seen go down hill because they stopped dreaming. Don’t stop a man from dreaming

Adebayo Alonge


Take away a man’s ambition and drive. He becomes ordinary even if he was born ingrained with all elements for success

Adebayo Alonge


Dreams are the stuff we create in our minds before others see them

Adebayo Alonge


If they take everything from you don’t let them take your dreams- that is your valid you

Adebayo Alonge


All the 20+ countries I have visited, the hundreds of people I have spoken to and the millions in money I made, I first created in my mind daydreaming from my father’s couch when I was still a child. Dreams are powerful. I am living proof

Adebayo Alonge

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