The Nigerian economy may rise from the ashes by 2030

The Nigerian economy to rise from the ashes by 2030

The Nigerian economy may rise from the ashes by 2030

Nigeria is 60 years old. It has so far been through a three-year devastating civil war, two recessions (and now in its third), leadership crisis in form of power switches in six military coups, ethnic divisions and many other besetting challenges.

In this opinion piece, we provide a concise account of how these challenges (relating to the economy) have evolved and I also argue that Nigeria will one day rise like a Phoenix from the ashes!

There is no question, the Nigerian economy – the largest in Sub-Saharan Africa and bigger in size than 31 other economies on the continent, combined – was healthier than 10 years later. Two forces shape this outcome.

However, by 2030, the economy may emerge the best it has been since the return to democracy in 1999. Two forces to drive this rebound.

The explainer is here:


Here’s a version with the sources (hyperlinked) to our claim

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