An ode to Protesters of Conscience fighting for racial justice

Photo Rights: Eric Miller/Reuters

We arouse in courage,

All colors outraged,

Onward the path to justice,

An ideal we seek,

Even though we die.


Evermore courage,

In hope for change,

Never likely.

Yet we must show up,

Against those stronger than us ,

Who throw us.

Even in face of their power,

We must resist!

We fight for justice

Even if failure is the only option.

We try,

We fail.

We try again,

We fail again.

Yet we keep trying,

Tiring on a journey whose end is in no sight.

Yet we return tonight,

Alas again tomorrow,

We keep trying every year,

Even for a thousand years.

Not because we think we might win now,

But because our hope tells we may win someday.

We fight for Black Lives to Matter today,

So that All Lives can Matter for all of tomorrow.

—An ode to Protesters of Conscience fighting for justice for George Floyd, By Adebayo Alonge (copyright reserved)

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