Off The Precipice And Into Blood.

‎”The regime of subsidy on petrol has come to an end. This is a bold stance I have taken and the international community has applauded me while some misinformed Nigerians are playing politics with it. I will not back down, I will not resign, and nothing will happen.”

President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan

(President, Federal Republic Of Nigeria)

When a leader sees widespread opposition to his policies as been the handiwork of enemies and political rivals, then he can be said to be delusional.

The Nigerian people have spoken loud and clear about the subsidy removal but yet the President remains adamant. We have stated our position clearly here: we support the removal but you must build consensus for it especially in this period of insecurity and  high probability of sectarian violence breaking out in the country.

(Unidentified man burned in the Hausa community in Benin on 09/01/2012) 

Beyond the subsidy debates, I see violence and death in the horizon. The blood of all those killed in the Boko Haram violence, and the frequent religious,ethnic and political killings which have not received justice is dangling over Nigeria as the sword of Damocles.

On the 9th of January, 2012, the Hausa community in Benin was attacked by hoodlums who took advantage of the protests against the fuel subsidy removal, to unleash mayhem.

(Mosque burned in Hausa Community in Benin on 09/01/2012)

A mosque and Bureau De Change complex were burned. An unidentified man was roasted on the road.

All these in the 21st century?

While there may be angst against the killings of kinsmen in the North, does the destruction of property and killing of innocent Northerners in the south make any sense? Does it solve the problem or serve justice on the often mentioned Boko haram sect?

(Bureau DE Change building burned in Benin on 09/01/2012)

In what should be a federation, citizens are relocating to their regions of origin. As I write this, Yorubas in the North are relocating in droves to Ilorin, Northerners are fleeing for their lives to the North and Igbos are leaving property in the North and returning to the Eastern homelands.

Yet rather than prevent the looming genocide even at a time as this acknowledged by the President as been the worst security crisis faced by the nation since its existence (in his words even worse than the civil war), the President prefers to be distracted with a subject that can still be addressed at a more opportune time.

When this nation shall go off the precipice and into blood,there will be nothing to piece together again. There will be no protesters to detest or rival politicians to blame for citizen resistance, there will only be blood and then more blood.

I appeal to you Mr. president, cool the polity and tackle the looming disintegration, immediately. Many of us have friends and family who are Northerners. We cannot afford to lose them. Many of us have investments in the south, we do not want to become paupers.

(Hundreds of  Tutsis slaughtered in Nyarabuye, Rwanda in 1994)

The killings and arson in Benin on the 9th of January,2012 may have unleashed the demons that will devour Nigeria. Only wisdom and restraint exercised by the people and leaders of Nigeria can hold back these demons. Otherwise,Rwanda and Darfur are about to become jokes to what Nigeria is about to go through.

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