Fuel Subsidy Protester Shot In Ogba, Ikeja 09/01/2012


(Body of Ademola Aderinto, 25 years old)


 Reports say that Police attacked protesters at Ogba,Ikeja, Lagos.
One person has been confirmed dead and three others i.e.  Alimi Abubakar, Ela Bujor Samuel  and Idera  were wounded.
(Ademola Aderinto as he was being assaulted, moments before his death)
Please share let us honour their memory.
The registration number of the Rapid Response Squad (RRS) Van carrying the policemen who shot these protesters is RS 101 LA.
(Body of the deceased, 25 year old Ademola Aderinto)
The policemen are attached to the Pen Cinema Police Station, Agege.
The DPO of the station CSP  Segun Fabunmi addressed youths who carried the body of the deceased to the station. He said his men were justified in shooting as the men shot were hoodlums who tried to disarm his men.
Other youths said that the men in question were playing football on the empty street of Yaya Abatan in Ogba, Ikeja, Lagos.

62 thoughts on “Fuel Subsidy Protester Shot In Ogba, Ikeja 09/01/2012

  1. Floreat!!!!u doin a great job out there…its sad a life has gone and wit more to join due to d police actions.may his soul rest in peace


    1. I wonder when it became a right for police to shoot unarmed people. they use various excuses as hoodlums,carrying marijuana,wearing ear rings, insulted me etc to shoot people. They are among the reasons why Nigerians are asking for change

  3. Imagine an armless man according to the DP0, ds is perfect injustice, ₪☺ respect for human life. The police must be questiond and the murderer prosecuted and removed from office.

  4. Show of arm against defenseless citizens is vry stupid…y cnt dey do same wiv d Boko Harams. R.I.P Brave ONE

  5. Jonathan shoulders every ill dt befalls our people during this season off. Strike. This is the Nigeria he prays for but is greaater than man. May d souls of those who lost their lives rest in peace

  6. This is serious, why are we been treated like this.God plz help Nigeria cus this is becoming unbearable for us innocent people are kill cause they are fighting for there right. The only solution is the we the youth of this time must fight for the freedom of Nigeria, cus if we don’t, things will continue to be bad……

  7. Our so called Police officer don’t bother defending its citizen,they would rather go about causing&steering up trouble…its about time we masses sttand up&say to them that enough is enough. We can’t b pushed around anymore…

  8. Only God can judge. But can arm-less person disharm policeMEN? I believe those police men involve would be prosecuted, there is no evidence that the murdered 25yr old guy has an arm. The policemen only abused power in the course of their duty. They should therefore be prosecuted.

  9. This is a very pathetic situation.we r living in a country were injustice is embraced.we claim to be civilized but everything going on in this country called Nigeria betrays civilization.the so called police men whom are responsible 4 this would at d end of d day go Scot free.but all i know is God almighty will surely be 4 us.R.I.P Ademola.

  10. To d police officer dt did dis, all others involved,d shameless DPO &our honourable GEJ, i have just 1 thing 2say 2them. He who live by d sword,die by d sword.

  11. Is only God can save us in this country people are doing there self badly …….why ……in fact we don’t have Government in this country

  12. We need reforms, monitoring and control in our system as a nation but most importantly, we need it in the security agencies like the police force, whose responsibility is to protect lives and property.
    Justice must prevail in this case to set examples for others who feel they can take things into their own hands.

  13. So the men of Nigerian Police force left Boko Haram that has been terriorisng this Country and then shooting peaceful protesters. Shame to you men of the under world who call themselves Police. Shame unto you NPF you pple are a disgrace to humanity.

  14. What a shame 4 naija @2day civilization by kill innocent soul.i prayed 2 d soul 2 strike against d goddam police bastard officer.

  15. I rili dont knw what to say!but i tink the president should pay 4 all dis shit,just inmagine alot of inocent ones are dead bcus of fuel subsidy no subsidy…………..he started dis whole tin at d fast place so he should face it.

  16. I rili dont knw what to say!but i tink the president should pay 4 all dis shit,just inmagine alot of inocent ones are dead bcus of fuel subsidy no subsidy…………..he started dis whole tin at d first place so he and his police partners should face it.

  17. May his gentle soul rest in peace. I think its high time we teach the police people how the masses should be treated. They are very inhuman. We need justice to take its place in Nigeria.

  18. May his soul rest in peace! This useless police, their children will not know peace, they shall die in cold blood. Egunje pple, ole onijekuje. Arm robbers will soon kill dem

  19. How can slaughters like this ever be justified! Nigerian police is full of animals. The cruelty in this is very obvious. They started by beating him and finally shot him! If he was actually a criminal, don’t we now have evidence to show he was apprehended? Do police now shoot suspects on sights in Nigeria? Why didn’t they arrest and prosecute him? And nothing ever gets done about issues like this. Who is taking up this case? Because WE’RE ALL POTENTIAL VICTIMS OF THIS KIND OF MESS UNLESS WE START DOING SOMETHING.

  20. dis police must be very stupid. now they have killed innocent people all in the name of fuel subsidy.the youths there had mercy on them,if it were in my village they wont go free without been wounded.i pray d soul of this gentle men will b at rest were ever they are amen.i don’t know whether they killed them so that their salaries will be increased. Nigeria police are useless

  21. Dis is realy heartless… I hereby extend ma heartfelt condolences to the frends and familys of the deceased…

  22. I really wonder where Nigeria is going to… …the governor is sleeping,the president is snoring….its unfair ooo.look at the way police are treating us…they are not democracy again they are crazy demo…..

  23. IF God still dhey may you police be punish…..you are insane,we all need to fight for our right..freedom of speech and movement.

  24. wat a gory scene. D dpo dat address d youth,shud be make 2 face d law.
    Pls,d human right organisation,shud file a suit against d police 4 ds bastard act of no respect of human life.

  25. Great people of Nigeria can you imagine the story by the stupid dpo who claims the poor lad was trying to collect the arms from his men how can one man disarm 3 able police officers jonathan is this why we voted you into power to punish the people of Nigeria .and as for you oga dpo by the grace of God your children and that of those officer by the capability of the Lords ability shall suffer the same fate ademola aderinto suffer sleep well ademola your story shall surly be told from generation to generation. Sleep on ademola the nigerian child.

  26. thunder fire the police men and ogun laka aiye suck dere blood to death and sango strike jonathan badluck(goodluck) down to death.

  27. May God judge u Mr. DPO for uttering such inhuman statement.If u think wot dat young man deserve is death then know for sure dat his blood will cry out to God for justice.

  28. the president should handle this matter politically to thebest of my knoledge the president should annouce back the fuel subsidy.

  29. All this is happening in our great country Nigeria, what are we going to do ? I think is time to move for revolution……………

  30. Great sacrifice 4 d nation. RIP. Ademola.
    These ar parts of d outcome of bad policy made by Gej & his cohorts. They wil never go scotfree,May God punish them all.

  31. I think ebele is a foolish man.this is how it started in libya.i no that the spirit of our hero past are with us.Nigerian youth must now go to war with our leader,senator,police,politian.we must fight 4 our right.fight 4 our right we must.!!! police are thives.robbers.may the soul of our brother rest in peace.

  32. may his soul rest in peace… Amen. I fink d policeman shud b brot 2 justice.itz nt a matter of war.and we at times shud engage in peaceful conflicts nt riot or a worser one.

  33. D police men in dis country are nothing but murderers. They are not our friend but our enemies and they shld be treated as such. Their job is to protect people instead, they kill, and steal from innocent civilians. Left to me, i don’t mind if we don’t have police men in dis country cos they are just shamless dogs who go about oppressing people wit their tools. May God comfort the families of the deceased. May God protect us all and comfort us in dis trying period. And may God punish those who are against making this country a better and safe place for us all IJN. AMEN.

  34. Ademola aderinto may ur gentle soul rest in perfect peace.God wil judge d policeman nd our useless president badluck egbere jolatern.

  35. The police are trying,they are nt magicians.only they have to learn hW to handle matters in a more matured way that would nt involve a lost of life.

  36. Nigeria police are injustice and they are tentative aggressive on every matter, that area commanda,crime inspector,and all men that are involved.
    I hereby appeal to the FEDERAL HIGH COURT in Lagos state to please make necessary assistant.

    Thanks for favourable consideration.

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