The Mathematics Behind the Subsidy Fraud.

From a final price of N140.85 /pms litre at which it is sold in the Nigerian market, it means that between 63.2%-75% of the total value paid for each litre of pms by Nigerians goes to foreigners. This is a sabotage of the Nigerian economy and a mortgage of the futures of her people. Adebayo … Continue reading The Mathematics Behind the Subsidy Fraud.

Understanding the subsidy fraud

┬áCommon sense suggests that using 20-40 percent of earnings to pay for subsidies is unsustainable and is a sellout of the future of the Nigerian people to other nations. Adebayo Alonge ( Public Affairs Analyst)   What should come to your mind after this, is what business government has with these subsidies to start with. … Continue reading Understanding the subsidy fraud