At the end of March 2012, we will reward our top follower with $9 i.e. approximately N1500.

By March 31, the person with highest number of comments on this blog will receive $9, either as cash or its equivalent telecoms recharge voucher.

So please keep commenting!


‘As of  01/04/2012, Alex with 11 comments has won the highest comments promo. Congrats, Alex.’

5 thoughts on “Promotions

  1. How come you do not promote your work at Lusoy Investments Ltd on your blog? It is important for the rest of the healthcare profession to know what you are doing, so they can reach out to partner with you. We would like to see pictures of your work, the way you distribute your medicines and the sites you have visited, in the rural areas. Thanks.

    1. Hello Moses,

      Thank you for your message and advice. I will definitely do more on here- I have tried to use this blog for my socio-political views on Africa.

      To follow more on my work please look up http://www.rxallng,com and follow us on @rxallng on Twitter and Facebook for updates. Lusoy has merged into this startup.

      I am happy to collaborate with you and other professionals.

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