RxAll is disrupting pharmacy orders & deliveries in Africa

RxAll is disrupting medicine orders and deliveries in Africa using a digital platform

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Marketing you-for social entrepreneurs

The responsibility for letting others know about your social entrepreneurship work rests with you. Learn how to raise your profile in 2 simple steps.

Marketing is a knock-through sport.

Adebayo Alonge

The Solutions Ideator
image credit:http://dranil-marketingmusings.blogspot.com/2011/03/indians-and-cricket.html

Once you have created your brand i.e. the image you want others to have about you; you need to work on promoting your brand and staying top of mind among people interested in your area of work. In other words, you need to actively market yourself.

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Branding You for Social Entrepreneurs

You are your perception. Be in control of the impression you create. Brand you!

  Perception is you.

Adebayo Alonge

The Solutions Ideator
(picture credit dharmaflower.org)

What comes to your mind when you hear these names- Mohammed Yunus, Bill Gates, Tony Elumelu? Did the following words come up in your mind- microfinance, health philanthropy and “Africapitalism”? This is the power of a brand- a consistently uniform perception you conjure when your name is mentioned.

Now ask yourself, when your name is mentioned what do people immediately associate with you? This is your brand and is how you are perceived by others.

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The End of Competitive Advantage

Digitization has destroyed the concept of sustainable competitive advantage

            Rither Gunther Mcgrath

Strategy has always focused on companies attaining sustainable competitive advantage-which is the unique position a company attains by configuring its operational activities in a manner that competitors cannot duplicate.

In “the end of competitive advantage”, Mcgrath argues that companies that will succeed on the long term in today’s boundary-less and barrier-free markets must be those who can flexibly exploit temporary competitive advantages while remaining focused on their long term vision.

Digitization has made information a commodity and sustainable competitive advantage hard to defend.Companies that will succeed in this hyper-competitive environment will be those that are entrepreneurial i.e. able to identify and exploit opportunities as they arise.

Saka Wars: Nigeria’s Civil War II

The saying that it is easier to get to the top than to stay there is a fallacy. Once at the top, a company can use the power of its leadership position to stay there.

Al Ries & Jack Trout in Marketing Warfare

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Understanding Apple’s business strategy

Apple an iconic global firm has a lot to teach African entrepreneurs. Below is an interesting analysis on how it has managed to succeed in an industry where big names like HP and Dell are failing. Continue reading “Understanding Apple’s business strategy”

Growing Nollywood

Nollywood Nigeria’s film industry is worth $590.2mn as at 2008. It is the second largest industry in number of movies produced after India’s Bollywood and arguably is Africa’s most successful non-mineral resource.

It faces numerous challenges chief of which is piracy and the aim of this video is to proffer solutions to improving the industry’s performance.

With these solutions the value generation by the industry will increase dramatically and more jobs and incomes can be created for Africa’s teeming population